The Capital's City Hall is an enormous stake. The party that wins it will send a noticeable signal in the country, that will count heavily at the parliamentary elections. In this confrontation, every party sent it's best man. The liberals count on Ludovic Orban, a former vice-mayor that knows all about administration. Besides that he is anti-Basescu and a good talker. He has the words on him, like it's said, and can manage a polemic, a very important confrontation. PSD goes, as always, in two directions. Officially, Cristian Diaconescu is the party's candidate, even if a large fraction of the social-democrats is supporting the doctor Sorin Oprescu. Diaconescu is a hope for the party, but he is too elegant to fight with market salesmen, flower-ladies, dubious individuals that steal electricity. As Mitica Dragomir used to say, his neck is red from his Armani suit, he is not looking his best in rubber boots in the Bucharest catacombes, to pull rats by their tail. Paradoxically, maybe this is his chance: the education, refinement and gentleness. Not a member of the social underclass, like Vanghelie, who does't represent Bucharest.

Doctor Oprescu is confident in his chances, just because he is running as independent. He is not sent by the party like a cannonball, but he does it for the third time, and if he fails – his career is over for good. There's a joke with the bunnyrabbit that applies in politics: he is either stupid, or he enjoys it.

Codrin Stefanescu doesn't stand a chance, because he is supported by a small party, and Cozmin Gusa – the big surprise – is ranked third in the voters prefferences. Both of them are trying to promote their parties and make a difference in the second round, trough negociations.

The heavy candidate, of whom very few have written, is Vasile Blaga. The former Minister of the Interiors is a stubborn Transylvanian. A bulldog, like he is nicknamed with fear in the party, officially being nea Vasile. A man that stayed in PD when the party had only 6%. In 2002, at the hedquarters in Mondrogan, you could meet only with Blaga, Basescu and a dog named Vasile, because the PSD-ists were announcing by various means that will come and handcuff them. Stubborn, Blaga went all the way with his party. More exactly to Cotroceni, and now nobody disputes him in the party. And if he does is either irresponsible, or he is tired of politics.

Exceptional organiser, Blaga has a handicap in this electoral battle. Adriean Videanu that, trough his lack of communication and disgust for his job, crushed the voters confidence in PD. Even though he worked hard, Videanu – remember the campaign slogan "That does?" – is today synonymous with chaos, poor organisation and the authorities indolence in front of the citizens needs. Even if he covered his back by taking Liviu Negoita as his right hand, Blaga is going for a hard ride on the elections. He is not a born and grown in Bucharst like Oprescu, he is not as tactful as Diaconescu, he doesn't have Gusa's verve… He is a bulldog, that fights until the end. A typical Transylvanian, who says what he means and means what he says.