A decision of the party, which states the penalization of the branches with performances under the country average, could be applied, for the first time, to him. Even though over the liberals passed another round of elections, euro-parliamentary, no local president payed with his position on the basisi of the decision taken last year. As no other liberal, with the exception of Mona Musca, wasn't blamed for the co-operation with the former Securitatea. To overrule suspicious comments, his enemies will probably sacrifice Ioan Ghise.

The public executions in Bucharest already started with Ludovic Orban's friend, prefect Catalin Deaconescu, threatened yesterday by Calin Popescu-Tariceanu with the resignation. For what is going to be sanctioned Ludovic Orban? For the undeserved low percentages obtained at the Bucharest elections? Or for the argue with Dan Radu Rusanu, caught by televisions before the exit-polls announcement from the first round of elections? I bet that the answer given to Rusanu at his impulse for announcing the public support for Sorin Oprescu will cost him at least the leadership of the Bucharest organization. With that "You can vote for Oprescu!" he signed his sentence.

Ludovic Orban expressed his preference before the elections, in the second round, for a candidate with a schedule and the completion of a conceptual majority. The opinion against the dominating tide from the party made tycoon Dinu Patriciu sick to his stomach. Patriciu was probably offended that one of is proteges is destructing his ghost of the great PSD-PNl governing and jeopardizes his investment in Sorin Oprescu. The liberals closure to PDL shouldn't even be thought.

Many will say that we are feeling sorry for Ludovic Orban, after he praised Traian Basescu. The truth is that Ludovic Orban was the revelation of this elections. And not just him: Cristian Adomnitei had a more than honorable evolution at Iasi. Polemical and coherent, with arguments and schedule, the minister of education got, like his government colleague from Bucharest, an undeserved low percentage.

As the candidate Adomnitei acted differently, Ludovic Orban was another Ludovic Orban. He proved that he is more than a singer and a harasser of Traian Basescu, that he has vision, decency and critical spirit. Ludovic Orban didn't receive in the electoral campaign neither the support of the liberal leaders, nor even of his friends. He didn't had the instruments of baron Relu Fenechiu, and the term at the Ministry of Transports was much too short to finish a project. And another piece of the file: PNL grew in the rural environment, not in large cities.

On Ludovic Orban's side are the electors and the cold analysis of the results. Against him, Bogdan Olteanu's demand to chose the name of the future liberal parliamentarians and the Prime Minister's ambition to lead the party after the elections. Not even if he ill start today the suspended highway of Sorin Oprescu, Ludovic Orban wouldn't escape the fate which it was prepared for him by Calin Popescu-Tariceanu. And like this he will meet the institution of resignation.