The real estate market, that registered last year 528.000 transactions, enters the attention of some important institutions. The Council for Competition announced yesterday that will perform an analysis over the complex services in real estate transactions.

"The most important financial transaction made by a regular consumer in the course of his life is the sale/purchase of a house", is said in the Concil's statement.

Over 520.000 transactions in 2007

Last year,on the real estate market were performed over 520.000 transactions, according to datas published by the National Union of Romania's Public Notaries (UNNPR). The transactions value was of 1.7-2.2 billions euro, according to market evaluations. In the first two months of this year were performed over 77.000 transactions, a higher figure than in 2006.

The notaries have more informations over the taxes payed by the people that transactioned buildings. Their representatives will meet next week with the National Bank of Romania (BNR) officials, that wants to aquire informations about the real estate market.

BNR looks for informations

"Next week, we will have a meeting that they (UNNPR) solicited a long time ago. We must see the real estae market datas, because the informations are sent abroad and we don't want to transmit a wrong image", said yesterday the BNR guvernor Mugur Isarescu, at a seminary in the Romanian – British Commerce Chamber. Isarescu announced that he could be present at the disscusions and that the National Institute of Statistics will create a database over the real estate market.

The guvernor considers that the existing datas reflect only the situation in North Bucharest. This is not the first time Isarescu mentiones the area. In the spring of 2006, the BNR governor spoke of an asset bubble in the North of the Capital. Later to the statement, informations were revealed about a house purchased by Isarescu in Baneasa, that is placed in the North area of Bucharest.