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Multinational company accused of killing its own employees

Multinational company accused of killing its own employees

A young woman, aged 30, is in a coma at the hospital in Lugoj, with symptoms that resemble poisoning. The woman is an employee at Riker shoe factory in Lugoj, and the doctors say that all of her vital body functions are severely affected.

Another employee of the Riker factory died two weeks ago, having the same symptoms. The woman’s sister accuses the German multinational company of using “poisonous substances” during the production process.

The doctors at the Emergency County Hospital in Timisoara are trying to keep the woman alive. They are intrigued that her lungs and kidneys have stopped functioning. “Practically, the only thing that functions normally is her blood pressure, while the rest of her vital organs functions are being assisted. She has kidney, liver and breathing insufficiency for two days now. The dialysis and the machines are keeping her alive”, doctor Sandesc says.

Two weeks ago, a colleague of the patient, a 33-year-old woman died in horrible pains after staying in Lugoj hospital, in the exact same condition. “We had a lot of fun on March the 8th. Two days later they took her to the hospital, straight from work. She was swollen, she said she was cold and that her flesh is hurts. She told me she felt like .

Then she started to suffer from burning sensations on her throat. She couldn’t drink water anymore. They tried to get her on an ambulance and take her to Timisoara, but she had a heart attack whenever she got out of the hospital”, Fanica Sabo, the sister of Maricica Ivoneta Imbroane, who had died two weeks ago.

The woman died after a heart attack, but we don’t know what has weakened her body so much that the heart would fail. We sent samples and now we wait the results of investigations from the Institute of Legal Medicine. The symptoms resemble those coming from poisoning, but we can’t state that for sure” Delia Radu, medical chief of Lugoj Hospital. According to Radu, two more employees of the shoe factory have arrived at the hospital to report minor problems, during the past days.

However, the company says this is all a coincidence. “The two employees did not work in a toxic environment. I don’t believe it’s our fault and I cannot state that for sure. More details will come from Marus Rapp, the manager of Riker in Lugoj.”, Hildegard Sabau, assistant manager, told us. Rapp thinks this is a plot against the company, because of the other large companies who are in deer need of personnel in Timisoara county. “The purpose of this is that people would leave our factory and that’s why these rumors appear”, Sabau added.