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The sins of “saint” Gigi Becali

The sins of “saint” Gigi Becali

As he grew to become a defender of peace and tolerance in Romania, businessman George Becali, the owner of Steaua football club, asks for a severe punishment in the case of the football hooligans. Yet, the “righteous” Becali is the most violent and primitive character in the Romanian soccer. This man wants to become Romania’s President. His party would receive 7% of the population’s votes, according to a recent INSOMAR survey.

The recent scandal of the first league derby, which was ended after hooligans hit the main referee with a lighter in the head, gives Gigi Becali the chance to prove himself as being an honest and religious man who wants justice. “Rapid must lose the game with a 3-0 score! UEFA and FIFA want an example of zero tolerance toward aggressions and discriminations”, Becali said, as an apostle of peace.

Still, as we look back on this man’s recent deeds, we see that he was the first one who flagrantly bent such rules.

Becali’s favorite targets are: Hungarians, gypsies, journalists, homosexuals and just about anyone who dares to bother him. The picture is that of a primitive individual, xenophobe, racist, a noveau riche, as someone used to describe him.

EVZ shows you some of the episodes when George Becali, one of Romania’s richest businessmen, has bent the law of “zero tolerance toward aggressions and discriminations” which he invokes now.

November 3rd 2001 – Becali met with Malonga Parfait, the colloured host of a show called “Fotbal la Maxx”. Gigi hit Malonga, then shouted: “Go rest with your mother’s dead! You dare to make fun of me, you crow?” Mugur Mihaescu, a local comedian didn’t get away with making jokes about this character. Becali called him a slink, a homosexual and threatened to crush Mihaescu’s face.

February 3rd 2003. The man who used to be a shepherd launched a furious attack against journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu. “You should have been shot by now. I’m busy right now, otherwise I would have knocked you senseless. But I’ll punish you, you’ll pay, remember this!”, Becali said.

Laszlo Bölöni was called a “Hungarian traitor”. The sexual minorities are also in his sight: “I don’t want to see homosexuals on my stadium. And I never want to hear the music of that gay guy, Freddie Mercury”, Becali said.

George Becali sent his body guards to beat up Jean Pavel, Steaua’s former gallery chief, has encouraged the rally against the “gypsies from Rapid” by using the stadium’s speakers.

And the list goes on and on.