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EVZ EDITORIAL: Basescu has buried the president!

EVZ EDITORIAL: Basescu has buried the president!

Mircea Marian: "The man can not abstain, pure and simple. Wednesday, he went to parliament and gave an atypical speech - calm, balanced and programmatic."

His opponents, prepared for the usual verbal charges of Basescu, remained without reply. Everybody was surprised by the new look of the president. But, for this character, a public appearance in which he has not given even a head blow to the mouth is a waste of time. So, in the same evening, Traian Băsescu went to the public television to comment on his own statements and to show that has not changed: offensive, unpredictable and with a loose mouth.

The biggest blunder that he made was to insist that the government decision on the delimitation of uninominal colleges "does not respect the law". It is true, the Constitutional Court showed that the president has the right to an opinion. But politically, Basescu was wrong when he addressed this topic with only a few hours before the trial of the Court of Appeals. His opponents, who have a powerful propaganda machine, led a campaign that wants to show that the president of Romania and all those from PDL, allies with PRM, fear the uninominal vote. All this theory is based on a real fact: Emil Boc has negotiated with Vadim Tudor, and the PDL senators helped the leader of PRM to become deputy chairman of the Senate.

If, yesterday, the Court of Appeals would have decided in favor of Vadim Tudor, PNL and PSD would have had the ideal pretext to support that, by his statements, the president influenced the decision of the judges. The not too distant scandal on the judges of the Constitutional Court, of whom it was said that were blackmailed with their files from the Securitatea. Basically, Basescu is right: the law of the uninominal vote is wrong, and the government invited, practically, those from PRM to attack it in court. But couldn't he wait for a few weeks to express his critical opinions after the end of the trial?

At TVR, Basescu has returned to what he knows best: he made allusions to the relationship between Patriciu and Tariceanu and said that the justice minister should resign. He returned to his jokes, which, too often, are extremely offensive. "There's no politician, larger, or a dwarf, a half-dwarf or half-large, there's not even one to go on television and not to speak of the president, in the context in which he wants to attack PDL ", said Basescu. Referring to Emil Boc – the "half-dwarf" – is obvios, although the president has backed down and said that he referred to the PDL opponents.

The problem of the head of state is that, according to sociological studies, the electorate is tired of scandals and believes that the violent disputes between politicians affects living standards. For these reasons, Basescu would need a facelift. For several months, he worked at an operation of "rebranding". The speech in parliament could be the result this long effort.

He would have succeeded, if he would have accepted around him people who have the courage to say "No" to him. But the Cotroceni Palace has a strange effect on his masters: in one year, two, they come to believe they are perfect.

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