Ion Țiriac's grandchildren left Romania. Their mother moved to Dubai

Ion Țiriac's grandchildren left Romania. Their mother moved to Dubai Sursa foto: EVZ

Ion Țiriac's grandchildren have moved out of Romania to Dubai with their mother, Ileana Lazariuc, who was previously married to Ion Țiriac Jr. This news was revealed by Lili Sandu, a close friend of Anastasia Lazariuc's daughter.

Ileana Lazariuc, the ex-wife of Ion Țiriac Jr., took her two children and left Romania for good. The disclosure was made by Lili Sandu, one of the best friends of Anastasia Lazariuc's daughter.

Ileana Lazariuc, real name Elena Crigănuță, was part of the band Triniti, together with Andreea Crișan and Lili Sandu. The latter told what happened to the two former colleagues.

Țiriac grandchildrens moved to Dubai

It is known that Ileana Lazariuc retired from the spotlight for many years, dedicating herself to raising her children and Țiriac Jr. First they lived in Paris, then she returned to Romania. And now let's find out that he chose another country.

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Ileana Lazariuc, who debuted as a model, now lives in Dubai with her two boys, Lili Sandu said. Asked by Horia Brenciu if she still keeps in touch with her former colleagues, Lili Sandu said yes. Tor she said where the two friends settled.

"Andreea Crișan is in San Francisco, she works in Silicon Valley. Ileana Lazariuc is in Dubai, she moved there with the children," said Lili Sandu. She did not give more information about the reason for the decision to leave Romania for good.

Alexandru Ion Țiriac, 17 years of relationship

Alexandru Ion Țiriac and Ileana Lazariuc have been a couple for 17 years and have 2 children together. They divorced in great secrecy in 2017, and this was only known after two years. Even though they are no longer married, they still have a very good relationship.

Alexandru Țiriac, the eldest son of Țiriac jr and Ilena Lazariuc, was born in Paris on March 7, 2008, and the youngest son is Nicholas Noah, who was born on June 19, 2009. The Jr. is sharing the same passion about cars.

Anastasia Lazariuc, about her daughter Ileana Lazariuc

Ileana Lazariuc was lucky because her mother did not interfere in her life. Anastasia Lazariuc admitted this saying that everyone has the right to go their own way.

“The decisions will belong to him, as they belonged to me. Ileana is 40 years old, I don't get involved in making decisions about her life. The important thing is that she is healthy and will remain the most beautiful and beloved child. The decisions will belong to him, as they belonged to me when my mother did not agree with me singing, but I did it.

The mother was wise, she only knew that a woman should not be on the road, but stay at home to raise her children. That's what he wanted. But I wanted something else, and I did what I wanted. It's the right of children to do what they want, we bring them into the world, but we don't direct them. Obviously we give them advice, but they choose, especially when they grow up. We parents must have the patience and reconciliation to let them go their way. They also have their divine plan, from somewhere, each one to do what he is given", declared Anastasia recently.