Sebastian Ghita about the last evening in Romania: „Georgian Pop was pulling me up by the ear”

Sebastian Ghita about the last evening in Romania: „Georgian Pop was pulling me up by the ear”

The first episode of the EVZ series has as central figure Sebastian Ghiță. Ion Cristoiu obtained sensational information concerning the Romanian political games behind the scene, but also the most desired confirming of the allegations that Sebastian Ghiță made before he left for Serbia.

Today, from 21:00, you can watch on the moment of interview when Sebastian Ghiță shows a photo that persuaded Ion Cristoiu that his interlocutor that he doesn't lie and that he was close to people in the State.

Ion Cristoiu: Tell me... I'm trying to imagine the evening of 19.  You were determined to leave when you've gone?

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Sebastian Ghita: No.

- Eee. How? You had such a revelation?

- Yes.

- Interesting, a real sensational disclosure. What influenced you at that party that made you leave?

- The attitude towards me.

- Whose?

- All those present there. I realized that Georgian Pop, who until then was a little boy from the Embassy, was pulling me up by the ear. Other older senator was petting me on he the head, more so he almost slapped me. It was obvious that everyone there had been in some way or another informed that the next day I will be arrested, that I have no chance, do not escape, that everything's ready. Yet I am a man who can realize when something bad happens.

“Christmas was coming and my name was Ghita”

Someone was saying that out there, at some point, you have said something to Florian Coldea. I'm telling you what the version that circulated after you left was. That you went there in a last effort to get rid of the arrest the next day. So you realized they had this attitude towards you...tapping on your shoulder... Suddenly Christmas was coming and my name was Ghita. I was as Portocala said: dead, only I didn't know. Still alive walking on the streets, but I was walking dead. They were close to taking the measures for my clothes. It was a very unpleasant feeling, I told you, to fear for your life is not a simple matter. I know well what can happen and what not. I was referring to the atmosphere. You were already a walking dead without being arrested. Yes, everyone sympathized with me. They looked through me and I was concerned, I was worried about the situation, because though you'd expect in institutions, in life, in society to meet at some point judges, heads of institutions, people called to defend citizens and you only find a strong desire to see the other dead. In a normal democracy they might not know. Theoretically the prosecutor... I told you, when Florian explain this issue to others I burst into laughter.  When before the elections took Ilie Sarbu from a hotel, the candidate's father-in-law, with the Special Forces, who could have told me they didn't know. Or when they chased Ponta's mom and sister, Prime Minister, with false evidence and false folders didn't anybody know?! Portocala wouldn't decide on his own to chase the Prime Minister's family when the Prime Minister was in America at the Pentagon? Or when they took Buşoi out from the game at the local elections. We've seen what happened in the local elections. You've asked, during the discussion, if I consider myself or I considered a trusted man of Romanian State or institutions. I think that as long as people have voted me in Parliament, I ended up in the SRI Commission, as long as I was a part of all these projects for the development of information infrastructure in the State today, I can say that I'm a man of trust in Romania. I can't believe that a citizen can fight with his country, with the institutions in his country. I think just that, slowly, as we find out the truth regarding those forged folders I can get back.

"I don't mean to provoke the falling or maintaining of Kovesi"

Ion Cristoiu: Mr. Sebastian Ghita, one of the themes of these recordings as a red thread, and other interventions of your's, is the relationship with the head of DNA, Codruta Kovesi, since the period when she was Prosecutor-General.  In these records you speak about different times showing a fairly close relationship, even friendship with Codruta Kovesi. Let’s see what you were saying in the first record about your relationship with Mrs. Kovesi: "I want to ask Mrs. Kovesi if she remembers the small party from the villa in Sinaia where she with Vasile Dâncu and me partied with musicians and sang at La Chilia in the port, the variant for the rule of law". In the last episode, that from 16 January, you bring new details about the party from Sinaia: "It is very easy to verify the party in Sinaia. It was at SRI Villa in Sinaia. The drivers saw and can witness, also the waiters and the musicians. In the following episodes you will also see the video.  Mrs. Kovesi still does not answer the question: was she or not at that party. But it is abnormal that the state institutions to lie ".

Sebastian Ghita: Mrs. Kovesi reacted on all these truths which you say, she reacted each time, as he reacted immediately after the registration, namely: invited to Europa FM, Mrs. Kovesi said "she was not and will never be friends with the defendant Sebastian Ghita even though he said a few times that they were close enough".

These meetings of yours were in some way confirmed by Victor Ponta. Every time, when you were asked for evidence, you've kinda wandered from one side to the other. Considering that Mrs. Kovesi says, every time, that... she almost doesn't even know you...  Which one of you doesn't say the truth? She or you? Codruta doesn’t say the truth. Are you going to show any photo or any movie? As to convince myself and the Romanians as many are already tired of how many times you said that you will not show us. But you saw that today the President... some of us like him, others do not, it's not relevant, today he is the President.  Seeing all these fakes from Mrs. Kovesi institutions, hearing the prosecutors there that they went and asked her, demanded her coordination or working under her, seeing that all institutions have been referred to, that the Judicial Inspection makes checks that the CSM through the Chairwoman expresses concern, that Ms. Tarcea pulls the alarm, that even Mr. Attorney General Lazarus admits that things are wrong regardless of all this the President has decided to keep her, to defend her and ignore these things.  What I mean is that it's not my business... Are you going to show us the pictures? To you, yes, but I don't think it's time for me to do something more than the President, over the decisions of the institutions of my country and to try and provoke, in a way or another, the falling or maintaining of this Mrs. Kovesi. Will you show me, so I can convince myself and others … I will show it to you now so there's no doubt about Mrs. Kovesi's visit to my place. Can I show it to the camera? No. Please. So, I have the picture.