Those tired of classic TV stations and who want to choose their own shows, can do it from now on with, the first online television in Romania with high resolution. The project belongs to Florin Braghis and has the logistic and financial support from Remus Munteanu.

LiberTv will broadcast 24/7 and it is positioned as a niche television, oriented towards documentaries, Romanian and foreign movies, animations, videos, sitcoms.

Until now, the two associates have invested 50.000 Euros in the project, and another 50.000 will be invested in promoting it. To ensure their revenues, besides the classic publicity, LiberTv will develop a pay-per-view system for a certain segment of shows.

Other sources for revenue could be the selling of a franchise to other companies, or the payment of a Premium subscription, to see the movies without the commercials. Such a station has multiple advantages: not limited geographically, lack of censorship, it’s free, well targeted commercials, instant feedback from the audience, the possibility of choosing the programs.