Sabin Orcan, the so called anti-corruption warrior

Sabin Orcan, the so called anti-corruption warrior

He likes to think that he is a journalist that fights corruption, that’s what he says on TV. Now he has another battle, with journalists from other newspapers, especially with those from Evenimentul Zilei and only he knows why. But we are not frightened, so we will answer in the same manner.

Despite our friendly approach towards him until now, he seems to struggle a type of hypocrisy rarely encountered by a journalist. His bizzare behaviour has started years ago, but I have never attacked him, beacause I don’t like to be at war with fellow collegues, unless they fiercely and unjustly attack. At this point, Sabin Orcan just did this.

He has started to badmouth and to exaggerate regarding Evenimentul Zilei. And because I run this newspaper and I strongly appreciate my collegues who are working hard to release news on paper, in a digital era.

I have decided to answer back to all his verbal and written attacks. He has started attacking Ion Cristoiu and then Dan Andronic, maybe because he is not capable to run properly a magazine. Newsweek is hardly a success.

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He implies Evenimentul Zilei is a satellite of Sputnik and he accuses us of being manipulative. The truth is we have nothing in common and the readers can tell it is a huge difference in quality between us. Sabin Orcan is beating around the bush having no clue of what he is saying.

I am so sick and tired to accept rude attacks and lies, to see how the newspaper we work so hard for is so unjustly attacked.

Sabin, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Răzvan Corneţeanu, the former manager of the Adevărul Holding

was among the people who first warned about Sabin Orcan’s duplicity and his awkard relationship with his employer at Romania Libera, Alexandru Adamescu.

Corneteanu reacted last year, after Orcan fired some journalists from the Adamescu family newspaper, claiming "that he was not satisfied with them” because it would have been too hard to admit that he was told to do so, because he had received orders from the Adamescu.

He told the journalists the opposite, that the owner forced him to do it, Răzvan Corneţeanu wrote about this at that moment.

When he ran Romania Libera, Sabin Orcan asked Dan Andronic to help him, he wanted to prove that Dan and Alexandru Adamescu were DNA’s victims.

He was so sleek, trying to be someone he was not.  He said he had positioned himself on Kovesi's side and anti-corruption, that he has Mălin Bot, Mircea Marian, Ondine Gherguţ and Silviu Sergiu and can not publish DNA-abuse investigations to defend his patrons. Dan understood, he knew Dan Adamescu for many years, and knew the dramatic situation in which he was. He promised Sabin Orcan that he would help him by publishing reports of lawyers or the son of billionaire Alexandru Adamescu (who was in London), and if there is evidence of the investigators' abuses, Evenimentul Zilei will inform him. To be clear! At that time, Sabin Orcan was the head of Romania Libera and the Adamescu family employee. Transparently, Dan Andronic discussed these things with me and with Mirel Curea, when Sabin Orcan announced that a press conference in London would be held in which DNA abuses would be unmasked.

He asked him to be there, along with others journalists. It was in the summer of 2016, and Orcan, the fighter against corruption, was backing a criminal in a disclosure campaign. A strange combination, is not it? We told Dan Andronic that it was not good and that we did not agree to support Orcan in his efforts, especially because

former employees of "Evenimentul zilei" attacked us in Romania Libera and now I know he was instigating them.

Dan Andronic understood our point of view and with the first occasion, he published on his Facebook page the emails between him and Orcan, dated 16 December 2016.

Earlier in August, when Sabin Orcan was preparing with the lawyers in London a campaign of the way Alexandru Adamescu was arrested, he asked Cristoiu to meet him for a coffee. He obviously knew that he criticized DNA abuses in his editorials and asked him to help him save his employer and, by default, "România liberă" newspaper. He knew it was a sensitive thing for the Master and yes, at that time, he called Cristoiu this way.

Ion Cristoiu told me: "Orcan wants me to go with him to London, to plead in front of the court on how DNA acted in the case of Adamescu. To present my ideas that I had already written in my colums on how DNA was doing a political interference. At first, I had accepted, highlighting the fact that I wanted to pay for the trip, because I didn’t want to be misunderstood. Then I had changed my mind, because I realised that it was a great waste of time. Then he asked me to write a text about Adamescu's situation and to read it in front of a camera. One day, the lawyers sent me a text indicating what I had to say. At that time I had realised the utter hypocrisy, he wanted me to criticize DNA so he can play the defender! So I refused to go on in a very civilised manner.

Here is a part of the messaging between Orcan and Cristoiu! "Orcan: Hello! You have a sketch from the lawyers, with the points you would like to highlight in the written material. It would be great if you could finish it within a week or two. Then you can arrange the meeting, when you want to record the declaration. Cristoiu: „Dear Mr. Orcan, I'm sorry, but all my efforts to compose something on this issue proved futile. All the time spent on this subject makes me lose valuable time, time that I want to spend writing my new book, I cannot focus on this subject, it is not in my area of interest and that’s why I’m writing you this, to inform you that I quit, because it was a hasty decision.” You can search the Internet for articles when Orcan was present at a certain gathering on prosecutors abuse and the following actions.

Orcan sent Dan Andronic a text in English on DNA abuse to publish it in EVZ. But Andronic explained him that after all the conflicts between Malin Bot and EVZ, it was impossible to publish something like that, since it was considered PR for Adamescu family. Sadly, we have forseen this situation, Sabin! We are at war now,  because we are not your fools!