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Public informations, at luxury costs

Public informations, at luxury costs

Although the law stipulates the free access to public informations, most of the officemen from the civil administration refuse to solve the citizens requests.

Moreover, when citizens receive the requested informations, they are asked to pay unjustified prices for them.

These are the conclusions of a study that was carried out last year, in 260 local public administrations out of the 41 Romanian counties, and revealed by the Association for Applying Democracy (AID).

300 euros for 50 pages

According to Alexandru Cumpanasu, the President of AID, almost 60% of the public administrations in urban areas ask money in order to provide free information and the so called “tax” doesn’t reflect the real costs of the “service” provided by the city hall.

The taxes are decided by the City Councils, who believe that anything the law doesn’t forbid is permitted.

Recently, because of such a decision in Iasi City Hall, a local counselor was asked 3.000 lei (over 800 euros) for a photocopy of an assignment book, after winning a public auction.