The tricolor delegation landed yesterday on Traian Vuia international airport in Timisoara, at 14.00. The football players were expected by an army of journalists, but nobody from the Romanian delegation was allowed to give any statements.

Cosmin Contra was the only one who broke the order: “we must win on Wednesday to have a chance at the first place. I hope that people come to the stadium, seeing that the price for the tickets is a little too high”. The tricolors checked in at Regina Blue hotel and the evening practice began at 21.00.
There are only expensive tickets left

The ground tickets (which are also the cheapest – 25 lei) sold out since Thursday. Those at the 1st and 2nd and 0 stands are not very demanded. “We will certainly show our discontent for the federation managers, who made a mock of the supporters. They will either have their stands empty, or they will be heavily hooted after.

What the tricolors fans did

The little Slovene city of Celje was assaulted on Friday night by the Romanian supporters, who made a lot of noise in the center of the city. Supporters from abroad looked in vain for buying a t-shirt or a scarf with the national colors. Those who came from the country immediately took advantage, some of them even sold their own t-shirts and made good money.

The restaurants near the stadium broke all the records in beer selling, which poured like a river; some of those who were too heated by the drinks, also began fighting, while the Slovenes were looking astonished at them.

Mitica Dragomir, cursed by the fans

During the national anthem, in the sector reserved to the tricolors fans, a banner appeared saying: Dragomir, you communist! We want you dead!” Mitica was thrilled by Dorel Stoica’s game and also laughed at the Slovenes: “A working team, but they don’t know much about the game”.