Vodafone Romania will launch a fixed telephony service this week. The wireless solution will also allow the SMS sending and will have a starting subscription of 4 dollars per month.

The fixed telephony service will be implemented with the help of the wireless technology which means that it will help the users get rid of all the cables and will allow them to install the telephone themselves.

The terminal can be used in a maximum 200 meters range from the modem and beyond that, you can only call the emergency services numbers. According to the sources the device will be put at the client’s disposal free of charge and the service will also permit the optional connecting to the internet.

The British operator has decided to enter the Romanian fixed telephony market to win in the future, clients for the internet services and to be able to offer an integrated communication services.

Competition: with Romtelecom over the clients and with RDS over the tariff

The operator has recently received the license for 1 million fixed telephony numbers, said Dan Georgescu, president of ANRCTI. About 6000 of the numbers are currently allocated to the company’s clients, which have tested it for the last couple of months. Orange is also testing in Romania a fixed telephony service with corporate clients.