The headquarters will be built on a field in Straulesti. Under the same roof, Petrom will gather all the employees from the six offices in Bucharest. The oil company will build a real small town in the north of the Bucharest for its 2500 employees. On a 100.000 square meters there will be built a 130 million euros complex.

Petrom City will be made up of five buildings, out of which three will have an administrative purpose, a data centre an energy plant and a garage with 1000 parking spaces.

Two of the administrative buildings will have an oval shape and will be five stores high and the central building will have 11 floors and 48 meters. Mariana Gheorghe, executive general director of Petrom said that the selling of the rest of the terrain which the company holds will be done by a partner with certain standards, involved in the development of the north area of the capital.