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Sebastian GHITA, interview with Cristoiu: „I went the last time at K2, seeking to look once more in the eyes of Coldea”.

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The first episode of the EVZ series has as central figure Sebastian Ghiță. Ion Cristoiu obtained sensational information concerning the political games behind the scene, but also the most desired confirming of the allegations that Sebastian Ghiță made before he left for Serbia.

Today, at 21:00, you can watch on the www.EVZ.ro the moment of the interview when Sebastian Ghiță shows a photo that persuaded Ion Cristoiu that his interlocutor didn't lie and that he was close to people in the State.

In December 20, 2016, more than one year ago, the public opinion in Romania was awakened by breaking news that all the news televisions broadcast. Sebastian Ghita, former deputy and member of the Commission for the control of SRI, television owner, top businessman, fled the country. Not even eight days have passed and, on the evening of 28 December 2016 in prime time, a new bomb explodes, which counteracts the first: a first registration in a series of eight is broadcast in which Sebastian Ghita, the fugitive-as he is already named, makes staggering disclosures about the parallel State. The series ended on 16 January 2017.

As a result of the disclosures, the next day, on January 17, 2017, the almighty general Florian Coldea, first Deputy Director of SRI, is dismissed and discharged after years at the head of SRI.

From 16 January 2016, Sebastian Ghita, though at the end of the last episode promised that he would return with the disclosures, has not done that, he remained silent, and although sensational, those disclosures had a big problem: their author was missing, the press, the public opinion has not been able to ask questions, could not sort things out in relation to many things told by Sebastian Ghita.

Some of these things were announced as to be proved-in the future. Sebastian Ghita has not proven them anymore. As it is, for example, the famous photo or film about the presence of Codruţa Kovesi at his home or, as the journalists say, in a vineyard, it was a cellar there. Many things had details that needed to be explained.

At that time, after disclosures and even in their time, I have written many articles. I considered, and I repeat with all responsibility, that these are crucial disclosures in the battle between what I call the healthy forces in Romania, and the dictatorship of the messianic sergeants.

Being curious and aroused by those disclosures, I gladly took the invitation made by Evenimentul Zilei to travel to Belgrade and to have a discussion with Mr. Sebastian Ghita about those disclosures. The way of work, you’ll see, is as follows: I'll give you quotes from the records at that time and after each quote I'll have a discussion with Mr. Sebastian Ghita regarding the puzzlement that stirred each record and with evidence that he will bring.

“I’m not a fugitive”

Ion Cristoiu: So, hello, Mr. Sebastian Ghita!

Sebastian Ghita: Hello, Mr. Cristoiu!

  • I want to tell you my pleasant surprise. I know you when you have left the country after that grim picture that all the televisions gave when they caught you at Belgrade with beard. You look very well, young man, you've lost weight. But what about that photograph? Why did you accept to appear?
  • I've never agreed for it to appear, but in the vortex awakened that evening in the restaurant, one of the policemen made a photo, in a hurry. And then that photo came out slightly distorted.
  • But, didn’t you have a beard?
  • I had.
  • You were undercover or why?
  • I was a ran-away. I was gone and, sometimes, to not be recognized, a change helps.
  • Anyway, I'm going to tell you something, not out of politeness, and for those who are looking at this series of now. I'm really glad you have not changed at all. You are happy, as I have said, but not irresponsible. Cheerful, you are optimistic, do not seem at all a fugitive, if I can say so.
  • I’m not a fugitive.

"A man should have the chance to defend his life"

  • The press gave you the pet-name fugitive.
  • Yes, and maybe they ought to think better about how well they used it and how they will use this term. Because it's time, I think, to say very clearly that when a man's life is in danger, that man must have at least the chance to defend his life. Today, after a year, I think the whole Romania sees what thoughts had that so-called Prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, as encouraged by his superiors and colleagues.
  • Not only him. There are many, many in the meantime disclosures that show that Negulescu was already a prototype of an investigator.
  • Yes, and I couldn't pretend not to know that he had prepared a cell for me, that he had put some bullies there, a cell with miserable conditions, that he had moved Blejnar from a cell to another only to make room for me, that he had been a few days earlier at the prison from Câmpina to prepare the place where he was sure the judges will send Ghita.

I can't ignore that he praised in front of Andreea Cosma and others that he will burn me, that I'm finished, that I'm a walking dead. If I couldn't convince anyone in Bucharest that the man is downright crazy and it's able to do wrong, what else could I have done? Than go out of their way.

  • Mr. Sebastian Ghita, I have here... I think I know you better than Stalingrad. This is my job, I read much. I don't want to, you now... I must disagree ... you shouldn't leave the impression, at least not to me you can't, and that it was one Negulescu that had something with you. It was a whole machine, we'll talk, that came upon you. Negulescu was a cog in there, better polished.
  • But I do not want to accredit the idea.
  • I’ll accredit it.
  • ...that a whole State and whole institutions kill people in Romania. That it kills a career destroys families, that are sometimes inattentive to the rights and freedoms of the people, that's one thing. Negulescu was exaggerated and anyone is entitled to abstain from such a...

"I want to ask my friend Codruta if she plotted against me"

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