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“Munaf” case in Washington

“Munaf” case in Washington

The Supreme Court of the United States of America will discuss Mohammad Munaf’s case tomorrow. Munaf is the Iraqi-American citizen who was convicted to a death sentence by a Baghdad Court for his involvement in the kidnapping of three Romanian journalists, back in 2005.

Munaf is currently imprisoned in a facility near Baghdad and is guarded by the American Military Police, states the Washington Post.

A similar case is that of Jordanian-American citizen, Shawqi Ahmad Omar, who was accused of connections with the terrorist group of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Both Munaf and Omar say that they can protest against their detention in Irak, because they are guarded by American troops. However, the Bush Administration says that the prisons belong to the multinational force in Irak and that Munaf and Omar are out of the American jurisdiction.

The prosecutors in the Supreme Court will analyze their dispute and the verdict could have major implications in relation to the rights of American citizens who are imprisoned during military operations.

Munaf moved to Romania after becoming a U.S. citizen in 2000 and worked as a translator for the Romanian journalists in Iraq. He was arrested after their release 55 days later and charged with participating in the kidnapping, along with Syrian businessman, Omar Hayssam.

The Court overturned Munaf’s conviction and death sentence because a transcript of Munaf's confession and witness statements had disappeared.

Romanian Court has decided last month that each of the three Romanian journalists kidnapped almost three years ago, should receive compensation of over 2 million euro on behalf of Omar Hayssam.

Hayssam was convicted to 20 years in prison in absence as he fled the country within months after his release from prison on medical grounds, more than a year ago. Omar Hayssam is wanted by the Interpol.

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