The premier’s irritation came from the fact that the PD parliamentary refused to vote with or against the delaying of reading the motion that they had initiated, after almost two hours that had been lost with procedural things.

Tariceanu came down from the tribune and came towards the democrats and told them not to sit around for nothing and that they should vote. Cezar Preda intervened and the premier got upset and told him to shut up, because he is an idiot anyway.

I did not hear, said Preda, my colleagues told me that after these rough discussions the prime minister had used the word “idiot”. Then I answered: “Sir, if He could say such a thing, then he and his crew are the same”.

Tariceanu has another version: we did not have an argument. I think Mr. Preda did not understand, like his colleagues in PD that they should be actively present in the court, not only assist, because, as seen, the session can be prolonged a lot because of procedural matters”.