As stated by Evenimentul Zilei journalist, Codruta Kovesi will recognize that she was present at Gabriel Oprea's home at the 2009 presidential elections night, and thus avoid the presence in front of members of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, who invited her to hearings three times so far.

"As a person who worked in the area of public relations, things are quite clear: it's an interview which was meant to be so, in which all the themes had to be cleared. There is a strategy that certain people in difficulty use, such as a weekend interview, in which you try to explain all charges.

In the second part of the interview (the one announced by for Monday), I think she will refer to the 2009 presidential election and will admit she was at Gabriel Oprea's home that night. After that, she will say something like there is no point to go to the Parliamentary Committee of inquiry since she already has done this, she recognized… That is my guess.

Clearly it's a useful interview for her, otherwise she would come at Mihai Gadea's show if she wanted a confrontation in which other questions are asked than those already established.

In the Tel Drum dossier, Laura Codruta Kovesi knows very well who the prosecutors who have handled this dossier are. You can see from the information that has already appeared in the public space, it is about the journalist Sorina Matei…

(…) In such a moment, the only version you have is to tell the truth, since any avoidance of the truth makes journalists to ask another question, and another question.

(…) I think that registration with Laura Codruta Kovesi is a fake because you can only hear her voice…

(…) Probably she has her own advisers in DNA, there are PR firms that work for her… I think the stakes of the interview is not the register from DNA meeting. Nor of other related subjects, which somehow had to be explained. I think what's at stake is the second part of the interview which will appear tomorrow (Monday 17 July 2017), when she should be present at the Parliamentary Commission investigating presidential elections 2009.

I am willing, if she is also (Laura Codruta Kovesi), to do a polygraph test to see who is lying. I'm curious what will be her version, and if she denies (that she was at Gabriel Oprea's home in 2009 presidential election night) she has her fate sealed, but I don't think she will deny.

It is clear that the pressure which existed lately over Laura Codruta Kovesi, has put its mark on her. She uses the word never   extremely often. It's almost like Florian Coldea's battle, which has made a career in the press.

Unlike previous moments when Laura Codruta Kovesi characterized different people as corrupt, now there was a revolt inside DNA. There was a real execution with Tulius and Moraru. The explanations that she gives are slightly naive. For the first time, she was facing a revolt from inside. I am convinced that anytime the two prosecutors would be able to give much more details. I don't think Moraru lied when he said that Laura Codruta Kovesi asked him to arrest Elena Udrea. I think Laura Codruta Kovesi is lying now.

Codruta Kovesi says (in the interview for that a technical expertise was done, but you cannot do it unless you have the original. When speaking of collages… to create some words, it is almost impossible. That phrase minding her must have existed, because there is no one to imitate her voice…

She is talking about compromising some folders; this means that the registration is reliable.

Don't you see that they are afraid to hold her accountable" said Dan Andronic for Antena 3.


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