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KOVESI RUINED LAZARICA – Traian Basescu accuses the intoxications of the heads of DNA and PICCJ

KOVESI RUINED LAZARICA – Traian Basescu accuses the intoxications of the heads of DNA and PICCJ

“Augustin Lazar sat in the trail of Mrs. Kovesi and made an unhappy tandem. Kovesi and Lazar made a great abuse…they had many outings in the press, internationally misinforming…there are in the system many others like Negulescu. Prosecutors who mystify the files. Mrs. Prosecutor Rosu of DNA. Mrs. Claudia Sutiman.”

The former Romanian President Traian Basescu (photo) accuses the heads of DNA and PICCJ that are the first "two great actors" poisoning the population in the case of misinformation thrown in press in Romania and abroad on amending the criminal law in case of abuse in service. How did the two prosecutors intoxicate? Basescu shows that Laura Kovesi and Augustin Lazar actively participated in the manipulation of the public opinion through many outlets in the media, including internationally, in which they have argued that the changes are only the will of the Government, without explaining that they were obligations created by a decision of the Constitutional Court.

In a show broadcast on a Sunday evening of 19 February 2017 on Romania TV, Basescu reproached to Augustin Lazar that he "sat in the wake of Mrs Kovesi" and that he has entered into an “unfortunate tandem seeing that the General Prosecutor was the only hope of monitoring the abuses of the DNA ".

On the other hand, the former president has nominated prosecutors who make political files on order and has revealed setup techniques used by DNA investigators. The PMP Senator argued that the prosecutor Mircea Negulescu from DNA Ploiesti is not a singular case in the system, seeing that the prosecutor Claudia Rosu, just like him, recently dismissed from the DNA to the Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal and the GPO prosecutor Claudia Sutiman.

We present Traian Basescu's statements:

"There are many others like Negulescu in the system. I would not be able to identify them. But there are prosecutors who falsify records in order. One of them is Rosu, the lady prosecutor of DNA. Then, Mrs. Claudia Sutiman. Who give orders as the head of the Section I of the General Prosecutor, the who gave orders to the prosecutors: make the file like this. And, for a dispute with Firea and make her a criminal record. Negulescu is not the only one. Or my daughter, buyer in good faith … they investigated the Prosecutor's Office, they did not find anything but they seized land. Mrs. Sutiman had her problems with Basescu. (…) She had personal problems. To catch stars. To put scalps on her belt. There are quite many prosecutors in this situation that for the sake of build statues hunt politicians. In the Murfatlar case … Adamescu was asked 'tell us something about Basescu and about Udrea'. I saw Adamescu only once in 10 years of mandate…I wanted clarification on a matter related to private insurance in health.”

Ana Maria Patru from AEP was asked…give us something about Basescu! The fact is, that there are people who are hunted by prosecutors.

To me it's hard to believe that Iohannis ordered the 2015-2016 show, with arrests and handcuffs. It was the initiative of Mrs. Kovesi to humiliate, so do it so the people do not have the right to a fair trial. You cannot do what happened at DNA in 2015-2016, in a democratic state. "

"The General Prosecutor Augustin Lazar sat in Mrs. Kovesi’s wake and did an unfortunate tandem, because the General Prosecutor was the only hope of monitoring the DNA abuses. (…) I also put my hopes in Mr. Lazar and I hope he will be the best Prosecutor. He made a statement about politicians 'politicians should be monitored'. I agree, but the prosecutors must be supervised, too.

Otherwise, there emerge cases such as Negulescu or Rosu. Speaking of Rosy, I will present you techniques of setting up the files which DNA uses. It is needed a defendant in a case, he is called for the training and he was asked to speak about another person with a third party. For example, I know a good lawyer x has relations at DIOCT and he solves the problem. But he speaks with another person. I have seen cases that are made this way".

"We have a big problem. There was set up the image that these people who work in the institutions of power are angels. And they are all Romanians. No Germans, no Swedes. And the proportion of the corrupts in this system is equal to the proportion of corrupt politics. We speak about systems dominated by people with higher education. Why should I believe that among prosecutors, including police, RIS, among judges etc. there are only innocent people?"

"We must have the courage to say that these systems have to be cleaned, too. Negulescu has become a benchmark. I assure you that there are many like Negulescu in this system."

"The world says we need the magistrates’ law (n.r. – magistrates’ liability law). I'll tell you something else: we need a law of protecting the judges. The judge is afraid of the DNA prosecutor. The prosecutor can indict him anytime. While the judge who finds out in court that statements were taken under pressure or that there have been heard witnesses under pressure, he cannot do anything. Rather than send the file back to DNA. The zero emergency is to formulate a law by which the judge would be protected from the prosecutor’s abuse."

„Mrs. Kovesi and Augustin Lazar made a great abuse. Because we still have legislation, which is the New York Convention that the Romanian state has ratified it by Law 345 of 2004, which defines the abuse in service: to be intentional, violating the law and with undue advantage. Plus the recommendations of the Venice Commission that says that there must be narrowed the area of the accusations of abuse because it allows political games against politicians and says it should be invoked only in cases where the offense is serious such as, the affect on the democratic process, the violation of the fundamental human rights, the undermining of the impartiality of public administration etc ".

"We had three great actors of the population’s intoxication (n.r. – if OUG 13/2017): the first one – Laura Kovesi, the second one – Mr. Augustin Lazar, General Prosecutor and the third one – Iohannis. How did they intoxicate the two prosecutors? They had many outings in the press, including internationally misinforming, saying that the modification of the abuse in service is because the Government wants it without saying that the obligations were created by the RCC decision. Mrs. Kovesi does not understand that RCC decisions are mandatory and that parliament should amend the laws". (Posted on: 20.02.2017 at 16:47 | Written by: Luju.ro