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Harlem Globetrotters and the beggars: „Ask for his wrist band!”

Harlem Globetrotters and the beggars: „Ask for his wrist band!”

The Harlem Globetrotters have put up a show that was almost ruined by the spectators in Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest. "Ask for his wrist band! Ask for his wrist band!" said a person to a little girl who had just received a basketball from one of the players.

The team has gathered about 5.000 spectators at its show, many of which were children. As expected, the Globetrotters have put up quite a show in the classic American fashion, with comic scenes and public interaction.

Real basketball scenes were a rare sight and didn’t rise up to the level of those given in American shows. Yet, the Harlem Globetrotters entertained their audience but didn’t put up that show of legendary basketball which can be seen in their shows on the Internet.

The show starred Big Easy along with General Grant, Airport Greenup, Slick Willie Shaw, Hollywood Turner, Handels Franklin and Lefty Williams. Their adversaries were the Washington Generals, another legendary basketball, founded in 1952.

Yet, the children that were present were over enthusiastic with the show. Handles Franklin had to go through an awkward episode. The player handed out a basketball to a little girl who he had previously invited on the field.

When Handles took the girl back to her seat, the person who accompanied the child bustled the little girl to ask for the player’s wrist band. Handles took the wrist band off and threw it away on a seat, while being unpleasantly surprised with the spectator’s attitude.


By the first half of the show, a complete chaos took over the game. During the break, the Romanian Basketball Federation and one of the sponsors have invited the children in the audience to a small contest. All of the sudden, some 150 kids seized the field.

It was impossible for the organizers to convince them to return to their seats. Most of them stood by the edge of the field and eventually, the chaos unfolded, as the kids started to chase Handles on the field.

Finally, the announcer warned the parents to handle the situation and the kids were taken back to their seats.