You can see the movie here.

The movie was taken from US Army soldiers stationed in Iraq. There are sources that claim the movie was watched by soldiers stationed at the Q-West US military installation  near Mosul.

The movie that also begun circulating on the internet seems to have been produced with the purpose of being watched by US soldiers in Iraq, before going into field duty.

Its producer is not yet known.

The clip  depicts a succession of images with bloody corpses of killed Iraqis, US soldiers in the line of duty, a few scenes from the September 11 attacks, Biblical phrases and keywords like : “Sleep,” ,”Pain” or “Choice”.

The soundtrack,  a song by “A perfect Circle” band, suggests that the soldier is the one protecting the Us ignorant citizen from the enemies,  the bad and their own demons identified as “Choice” or “Truth”.

EVZ decided to publish the movie to show the contradiction between the way US officials depict their presence in Iraq as being an experience in the help of Democracy, and the way US soldiers are indoctrinated to look at Iraqis as “the enemy”.