Ex-general Florian Coldea investigated for connections with people involved in drugs trafficking

Ex-general Florian Coldea investigated for connections with people involved in drugs trafficking Florian Coldea și Marina Pandarof 2024 Sursa foto: Realitatea Plus

Prosecutors are looking into Florian Coldea for his possible involvement in and protection of a drug trafficking network that operates in Romania, Albania, and Mexico. The blonde woman imprisoned in the DIICOT case "Network M," which Coldea and Dumbravă were able to conceal through specific means, is represented by his girlfriend, Marina Pandarof.

This new development came last night from Anca Alexandrescu, a journalist from Realitatea Plus. Florian Coldea and Dumitru Dumbravă are under investigation by the prosecutors, and they have revealed some startling new information. Supporting documentation is beginning to emerge, confirming the startling revelations regarding the scope of General Coldea's "consultincies" operations over the years.

It was clear for some time that the information was obviously false, but it has since become clear and is the subject of an investigation by prosecutors that the network of influence and blackmail that Coldea and Dumbrava used to coerce businessmen into paying large sums of money was real. Let us begin, at least for this one time, with the presumption of guilt that the DNA prosecutors are currently operating under. What you initially learn from the text below will shock you.

The FBI is looking into this issue very seriously.

Even simpler: Florian Coldea, a prominent Albanian politician's relative, assisted Marina Pandarof in joining a global drug trafficking organization. Massive quantities of cocaine were brought into Romania through a clandestine route, first from the Sinaloa cartel in Albania and then from Mexico.

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Here, the "M Network" provided drugs to the capital's VIPs. Those who patronized Coldea's girlfriend included powerful businessmen, prominent politicians, generals, and millionaires with ties to the political class—in other words, people who enjoyed wild parties complete with cocaine and escorts.

Coldea's role in this whole situation was a strategic one, no doubt

No operational second was involved, but he guaranteed the protection of all those involved in the network and  he also did something downright diabolical. We are talking about the fact that he filmed and recorded every sort of parties and organization organized by the "M Network". In this way, he comes into possession of different photos and evidence, as compromising as possible, that later provided him with evidentiary material in his blackmail files and negotiations for his "consulting" contracts.

Today we are exclusively publishing the first photo of Florian Coldea next to his girlfriend, Marina Pandarof, and also of Dorian Duçka, the contact person of the Albanian underworld and drug traffickers who helped Coldea and Marina Pandarof lay the foundations of a distribution network of amazing narcotics in Romania.

Florian Coldea și Marina Pandarof 2024

Florian Coldea and Marina Pandarof 4 Sursa: Realitatea Plus

The photo was taken in Berlin, where the three met to set up drug deals on the Mexico-Albania-Bucharest chain. As you can see, General Coldea was so much in love with his fatal blonde! In the meantime, what was announced to be an explosive file, "M Network," covered up like a book, and Coldea's girlfriend got out of jail without problems and nothing has happened since then in this case that seemed like a bomb.

In the next period, public opinion is going to discover a new face of General Coldea

The Romanian prosecutors are investigating all the criminal activity of the mafia general and already have discovered all his hidden plots. Coldea did everything possible to erase its traces, but the many years of activity in the underground of society leave traces that can never be erased for sure.

Today we unveil the film of an operation that the press has written about since October 2022, but without too many details. This relates to Florian Coldea's girlfriend, the "M network," who was detained and the subject of an investigation by DIICOT prosecutors nearly two years ago. However, General Coldea used his network of judges and prosecutors to cover up the case as effectively as possible. Set up and turned over by Florian Coldea to his partner, Marina Pandarof, a Slatina native with an exotic name, served as the network's chief executive.

A stereotypical blonde is the definition of a luxury escort, with a lot of "classic" pictures on Instagram for the job in question: private planes, luxury hotels, expensive cars, big jewelry, diamonds, and a lot of luxury and opulence.

Spectacular case, less results

In October 2022, DIICOT started a series of searches and detentions after "Coldea's blonde woman" was allegedly stalked for several months and caught red-handed while selling a few grams of cocaine, cashing the money on Revolut right in front of a luxury restaurant in Bucharest. And this is where everything we know about this DIICOT file ends, because later Coldea's ''octopus'', made up of an army of influential people from the justice system, began to surround this file and all those who wanted its completion, the investigation, until the file was suffocated completely.

For two years, absolutely nothing has happened with this file, being stopped in the investigation phase without hearings, without witnesses, without evidence, and, of course, without accusations and convictions.

Maybe he got out of love for his girlfriend or maybe out of the desire to protect his back and the network, but Coldea did his best to cover up this dossier, which is being announced as a bombshell.

From what it seems, Florian Coldea would still be together with Marina even nowadays, some participants from Untold Dubai claiming that the blonde warhead was also present with the SRI general at the conflict with Sergiu Diacomatu from Dubai.

How Coldea established the drug network Mexico, Albania and Bucharest! Florian Coldea's connections with top Albanian politicians!

Who is Dorian Ducka, the confidant of Prime Minister Edi Rama?

And how did the FBI end up looking into the two after the meetings with Coldea?

Let’s start with the beginning.

In the tsunami of information from the last few days about Florian Coldea, the information that the retired general from the SRI had a consulting contract in Albania, where he advised top politicians, was a little lost. More precisely, Prime Minister Edi Rama is one of the most controversial politicians in the region. Florian Coldea was seen in restaurants and hotels in Tirana, the capital of Albania, during meetings with politicians, businessmen or other controversial people. In 2020, an article appeared in the Albanian press about his presence there. General Coldea met with the most senior politicians of the Socialist Party and the government in March 2020 in Tirana. It is not known what Coldea was up to in Tirana, as secret and shadowy affairs are matters of his profession. Based on the data available to the editors of "faktor.al" (a publication from Albania), it is suspected that Florian Coldea also met with Prime Minister Edi Rama, in addition to other leaders of the Socialist Party.

A year later, in June 2021, Florian Coldea was returning to Tirana at an event in the field of software called Code Camp. Software engineers, developers, IT architects and IT professionals gathered here. Florian Coldea, who presented himself as a cyber security expert, opened the list of main speakers.

During all this time, Coldea did what he knows best: he infiltrated deep into the underground of the mafia in Albania and made a series of dangerous connections and links with various corrupt environments from the top of the criminal and political environment in Albania.

Coldea was in touch with Dorian Ducka, the confidant of the Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama

Albania is famous for the fact that Albanian gangs have developed real "industries" of arms, alcohol, cigarette and oil smuggling, drug trafficking and prostitution. Large quantities of cocaine from Latin America are brought into Albania, where they are distributed in Kosovo, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then transported to the West.

And this Dorian Ducka is known to Albanian journalists as the man who helps Prime Minister Edi Rama in his relationship with the Albanian business and criminal environment.

Due to his proximity to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Dorian Duçka's career has not been without controversy, having been suspected in two cases of corruption and links to organized crime. However, I did not find that he was investigated in any file opened in his name at Albanian or international courts.

According to a report by Mexican anti-drug forces published in September 2022 in the Mexican newspaper "El Universal," the Sinaloa Cartel—previously under the leadership of the infamous Joaqun "El Chapo" Guzmán—formed a partnership with the Albanian mafia, which allowed Mexican traffickers to start laundering sizable sums of money in Albania.

According to Mexican authorities, the cartel's leader, Ismael Zambada García, known as El Mayo, established close relationships with the Luftar brothers, Arben, Fatos and Ramiz Hysa, well-known Albanian businessmen with connections at the government level. Their connections at the government level are exactly who you think, Dorian Ducka, the man of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The picture which reveals everything

The picture above, taken in 2020, shows how three people—Mark Hauptmann, a former MP for Germany's CDU-CSU party; Luftar Hysa, a partner of the Sinaloa Cartel; and Besnik Lulaj, a prominent Albanian businessman who owns Marina Bay, a major hotel and resort construction firm in Albania—are leaving Prime Minister Edi Rama's office.

Dorian Duçka, who is reportedly in contact with both direct and indirect representatives of the Mexican Cartel, organized the meeting, according to the Albanian media.We have described in detail this political picture in Albania so that you can realise and see the level of corruption at the top of the state and better understand why, in this environment, Florian Coldea managed like a fish in water in his environment.

After this meeting in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, which took place in Albania, the Mexico-Albania network received a new extension: Bucharest. The opportunity of a fabulously profitable business made from drug money made Coldea come up with the "brilliant" idea of ​​opening up the Romanian market for high-risk narcotics trafficking from Mexico.

Who was the German Mark? Lars Carsten Hauptmann

He is the man who participated in the Albanian prime minister's negotiations with the representative of the Sinaloa cartel

Born on April 20, 1984, he is a politician, member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), and former member of the German Bundestag (2013–2021). He was suspected of involvement in activities bordering on corruption crimes, which is why he resigned from the German Bundestag.

So, in March 2021, many parliamentarians of the CDU/CSU governing coalition became the subjects of criminal investigations regarding receiving bribes through the Azeri money laundering scheme or were involved in corrupt lobbying activities, known as "Diplomacy caviar" in the European Council.

"Caviar diplomacy" is a lobbying strategy of Azerbaijan

Consisting of expensive invitations addressed to foreign politicians and employees of international organizations to Azerbaijan at the expense of host countries. Caviar diplomacy also includes expensive gifts presented as "a tribute to the oriental tradition". According to the German newspaper "Der Spiegel" (March 2021), the Azerbaijani embassy in Berlin paid 16,744 euros to advertise a shopping trip to Baku in a local newspaper that Mark Hauptmann publishes in the state of Thuringia.

Dorian Ducka is the one who, through the lens of his relations, mediated, in October 2020, a meeting between the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and the German CDU/CSU deputy, Mark Hauptmann.

Dorian Ducka and Edi Rama, protected by Charles McGonigal, the former head of the FBI, were sentenced to 4 years in prison for working for a Russian oligarch!  They gave each other gifts and exchanged secret services at the highest level!

Dorian Duçka's name appeared in a United States dossier investigating Russia's involvement in the 2016 US presidential election, specifically former FBI chief Charles McGonigal's ties to Kremlin leadership and specifically Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin.

The information regarding the investigation was released to the public through the "Business Insider" publication on September 17, 2022. Based on this file, Charles McGonigal was later sentenced to 4 years in prison in the USA. Practically, Charles McGonigal was accused in the USA of exactly what Florian Coldea is accused of now: that he used confidential information obtained during his public office in his own interest to ensure his success in business.

Revelations in albanian media

It seems that there was an exchange of gifts and services between the former head of the FBI and leaders of several states in the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo) and Russia, including Edi Rama, possibly even represented by Dorian Duck.

The Albanian press claimed that the former head of the FBI would have been close to Edi Rama, who would have tried to arrange for the Albanian politician a meeting with the representatives of an American company (unnamed) in order to start an anti-corruption project, an operation not approved by the FBI leadership.

More than we already showed, according to the Albanian website Syri.net, McGonigal not only visited Albania but also registered a company in his name in Tirana. To show the connections in the Edi Rama-Dorian Ducka-Charles McGonigal triangle, Syri.net published the image below.

During the trial, the FBI released a list of the names of those it investigated and from whom it obtained information about McGonigal's secret meetings. Of course, two already famous names from Albania appear on this list: Dorian Ducka and even Prime Minister Edi Rama. In the facsimile, it can be seen that the FBI had clear information about the gifts and favours that the high-ranking Albanian officials were giving to the investigated FBI head.