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EVZ EDITORIAL: Mourning the chauvinism

EVZ EDITORIAL: Mourning the chauvinism

Bichir: “The fact that the national day of Hungarians around the was celebrated without incident proves Romanian normality”.

The chauvinistic and xenophobic speech held by the Vatra Românească group, or those held by PUNR ori România Mare groups do not impress anyone.

The place România Mare has in the polls is just another proof that the extremists are starting to become history. Every nation has its own right, and the Hungarians have celebrated with flowers and marches they’re 160th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

In order to understand the Hungarians we should see from their perspective for at least five minutes. How would we feel if the Romanians were chased away while celebrating Romania’s national day in Chişinău? What if the Russian sympathizers would beat us away just because we are among the minority and cannot be proud of our national identity?

The Hungarians have celebrated in peace, despite some fear mongers who are worried that someone might secretly steal Transylvania from us, or that someone might proclaim independence for Covasna and Harghita counties.

Scenarios and instigations, can only justify a policy of deceit that might bring votes from the terrified. God forbid, I would not admit the fact that the Hungarians have their own extremists, who dream of the map of a Great Hungary and idolize Horthy. But it’s a long way before that we could blame all of the Hungarians.

The rallies organized by the Noua Dreaptă (extreme nationalists) in Cluj and Bucharest against Hungarian secessionists are nothing but a paltry instigation. Even more, these ”Romanian patriots” wore Nazi and Fascist symbols, maybe just to compromise the real Romanian nationalists. Whereas there chanting:” no more Hungarians in our country!”, is just two out of line to be discussed. At most, we can recall what Iuliu Maniu said after the great Unification:” we do not wish to turn into repressors, as we were oppressed ourselves”.

The relationship between Romanians and Hungarians in Transylvania are normal and despite some fiery voices there is harmony and a peaceful coexistence.

Yet, that bloody day of March 15th 1990 is an obsessive stain. Some analysts say that it was all just a plot that has created the Romanian Information Service, while others believe that the Russians were involved.

Having a huge credibility after the 1989 events, Romania would have liked to see Basarabia return to her. Meantime, the diversionist laboratories of Kremlin invented the fear that we might lose Transylvania, so that we would stop coveting at our former territory. Thus, from fearless fighters for freedom, we were perceived as barbarians who kill their fellow citizens just because they have a different nationality.

15th March 2008 proved that there is room for everyone in a united Europe. Along with traditions, language and customs, diversity and national minorities. Who is against this, either lives in another century, or believes that what Vladimir Putin said („There might be problems in Transylvania”) is actually an order.