Interests of lei deposits passed the 10% level in the last weeks. The jump comes after BNR raised interests in consequence with the increasing inflation and with the banks tendencies to attract more liquidities.

The largest interest rates can be obtained by deposing a signifiant sum. Bancpost offers the largest intersts for classical deposits over a year time: 10.5%. This interest rate can be obtained only for deposits of at least 5.000 lei. For 500 to 1.000 lei deposits, the bank pays an interest of 7.5%.

Credit Europe Bank pays a 10% interest for lei deposits over a year, whitout imopsing a larger sum limit than for any other regular deposit – 300 lei. In this way, this offer is ranked first, if we take into consideration the increased accesibility.

No withdrawal commission

Bancpost renounced the withdrawal commission for deposits over 6 and 12 months. if the sums are collected when the deposit expires. If the deposits are liquidated before their expiration, the bank collects the withdrawal commission of 0.5%. At the same time, without any advertinsing campaign, ProCredit Bank renounced the commission for cash withdrawals from expiring deposits.

Condition: the whitdrawal must be made in at least five days after the deposit expierd, and the sum must not exceed 10.000 euro. Libra Bank doesn't collect commissions for the deposits whitdrawal. Alfa Bank renounced the commissions only for deposits made over a three months period.

The withdrawal commission is one of the taxes that reduce the savings efficaciousness. The rated capacity is lowered especially by inflation, that could reach 5.1% in the next 12 months. The efficaciousness is also reduced by taxes.