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The last aristocrat pianist

The last aristocrat pianist

Valentin Gheorghiu, the artist that George Enescu appreciated, is having his 80th birthday.

The pianist, “is a rare talent, which must be looked over”, George Enescu wrote in a recommendation letter. With a certain curiosity and with his renowned generosity, the great Romanian composer once accepted to hear two children playing: brothers Stefan and Valentin Gheorghiu.

Enescu’s enthusiast words meant a great deal to Valentin Gheorghiu’s career. Those words allowed him to study in Paris, one of the world’s most important schools of music, a school which had once shaped Enescu’s talent. Since then, many decades have passed.

Meanwhile, Stefan Gheorghiu became the most respected and pertinent violin teacher in Romania and Valentin Gheorghiu can be considered the last aristocrat of the piano in our country.

As an artist of an incredible value, Valentin Gheorghiu dedicated his life to the successive white/black keys, managed to create delightful colors and imagery created his own very special relationship that lies between an artist and his public.