CNADNR asked, three weeks ago, the Ministry of Finances to allocate 345 millions lei for the payment of the overdue sums to Bechtel, and for the payment of the project's expenses.

Dorin Debucean, the new director of the company, said that a part of the money will be taken from the funds allocated to the payment of the Cernavoda-Constanta and Arad-Timisoara (both sectors are part of the Pan European corridor IV) constructors, that are going to be qualified, after the holidays, at the auctions.

CNADNR will have to pay the US constructor around 300 millions lei in the course of this year, money from privatisations by the National Developing Fund and from the state's budget, according to the minister for public works, Lazlo Borbely, who said, at the begining of the week, that UDMR will make pressures for more money to be allocated to this highway.

"From the actual informations that I posses, funds for the Transilvania highway are being supplemented. The sum received as advance in this year will be supplemented with at least 200 millions euro", said Borbely. CNADNR payed the US constructor 140 millions euro, 30% of the total value of the constructions scheduled for this year.

Investigations at CNADNR

After Mihai Grecu's sacking, CNADNR is facing two investigations, on the payments and the contract with Bechtel and an interior another. According to Dorin Debucean, highway's general director, the report that targets payments to Bechtel will be ready in 30 days. Mihai Grecu was sacked last week from the position of general director of CNADNR on the background of miscommunication with the minstry and the institutions involved in projects financed by CNADNR.