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SIPA ARCHIVE. Declassification of the Report from 2008, essential to clarify the handling of SIPA documents | "We Are the State!" (XVI)

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30 percent of the information gathered by SIPA regarded infringements of organized crime, corruption or crimes against the national security. They aimed judges, prosecutors, police officers, politicians, journalists. This was made clear officially as early as 10 years ago, it is not a novelty.

The novelty is that a week ago I found out about the existence of an official Report of the Ministry of Justice which emphasizes the hallucinatory way in which the documents from the SIPA ARCHIVES were handled in the period of Monica Macovei. More interesting was the fact that this scandal has been buried by classifying the report.

What is at stake for reopening this scandal regarding the SIPA ARCHIVE, are asking various ethics? Whereas recognizing the truth isn't satisfying especially for those who should defend the independence of Justice, I'll speak today about the contents of this archive. According to some testimonies of some sources of the Ministry of Justice and SIPA, in this archive, at the time of the takeover by Monica Macovei, there were informative notes aiming not only judges and prosecutors, but also important politicians.

According to these sources, we are talking about the name of an ex-President of Romania, two former Prime Ministers, at least a former Minister of Justice, names that I will not give to publicity in order not to embezzle the public debate related to the declassification of the Report made by the Commission Chiuariu-Predoiu from the period 2007-2008.

It is a hot debate because we are talking about a report containing extremely serious allegations about the way Monica Macovei and the team designated by her, namely Cristi Danileț and Paul Dumitriu, understood to make an archive of SIPA and establish where these secret documents go, to the National Archives or at SRI, depending on the degree of importance and value of information.

The first clear declaration

"The worst is that this information can still be used now, evidently illegally. Monica Macovei said at the time, before sealing the archive that Mr Ponta is opened to blackmail using the information found there" said two days ago, Judge Dana Gîrbovan, President UNJR.

It is significant that Monica Macovei had such data as a result of access to the ARCHIVE of SIPA.

If she found out that Victor Ponta can be blackmailed with those data, why doesn't she agree for us to see how was entered into the archive, how and who has copied classified documents?

A strange attitude at least...

Whereas I determined that Monica Macovei and one of the members of the Macovei Commission, Cristi Danileț, argue strongly that these documents should not be released, I will return to the serious things contained in this report, stating that those mentioned are approximate.

Members of the Inventory Commission designated by Monica Macovei (Minister of Justice during the period 29.12.2004- 5.04.2007) picked up documents from SIPA operative Archive.

As I stated previously, in the Report Chiuariu-Predoiu from 2008 it is said that members of the designated Commission picked up documents from the operative archive in the Service of Classified Information from the Ministry of Justice, that were handed over to the Minister of Justice Monica Macovei. The documents were from all categories-Strictly secret of particular importance, Service Secret, Secret - and have not been identified evidence that these documents were returned by the members of the Commission or by Monica Macovei.

  • In the premises of the SIPA archive was found a Xerox, which was activated with access key that had at the time Macovei's team left from Justice Ministry over 3.000 pages copied. According to the report from 2008 it has been used for making copies of documents from the SIPA archive. The information was confirmed publicly by Ingrid Mocanu, former Manager of the legal Directorate from Justice Ministry. The copy device was sealed by the members of the Commission Chiuariu-Predoiu.
  • It was ordered the rewriting of the hard disk which contained the operative evidence of SIPA archive, being destroyed without possibility of recovery. There was no written order identified from Minister Monica Macovei or CSAT as we are talking about the destruction of essential data, with character of State Secrecy of a Secret service, governed by law.
  • Surveillance cameras installed by the Rasirom (autonomous direction of SRI) at the entry in the archive have not functioned for months, and there is no video evidence of how was entered and exited from SIPA ARCHIVE. And this claim of mine was confirmed by a press release of SRI. According to this "in the year 2005, the company RASIROM had a contract to install an access control subsystem within the system of physical protection of classified information for the premises occupied by the General Directorate of Protection and Anti-Corruption, the integration of the system being completed in December 2005.
  • In February 2007, RASIROM has signed a maintenance contract with the National Prisons Administration that was aiming the maintenance of the system by twice-yearly revisions. Since in the first half of the year 2007 there was no inspection, RASIROM was solicited in September for an intervention due to a failure by the beneficiaries, but without knowing the exact date at which these failures appeared.

    Namely SRI tells us that it installed some surveillance cameras at SIPA ARCHIVE, but they didn’t work and they don't know how long. It's at least strange for a direction of SRI to install surveillance equipment in 2005 and to sign a maintenance contract in 2007, but it is clear that the SIPA ARCHIVE was a paradise of dossiers. Let's assume that since February 2005 till September 2007.

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