The ex-premier was sent to trial on the basis of some ”tracks” which remained in the scripts of the Office for Eradicating the Money Laundry and the declarations of his former employees.

The dossier which offered clues regarding the laundry of 400.000 through the bank accounts of Dana Nastase the ex premiers’ wife, has disappeared.  After 7 years since the disappearance of the dossier the enquirers have only traced the file containing 130 pages.

The DNA prosecutors could not set the exact date when the dossier disappeared, but they say that this was premeditated by Nastase and Melinescu (the one who took and the one who gave the bribe) in November 2000.

Genica Boierica said that in the spring of 2001 he drove Ioan Melinescu to the ONPCSB headquarters and that Melinescu showed him a portfolio and said that it contained Dana Nastase’s dossier and that he had done in such a way that it would never be found, as promised to Adrian Nastase before the elections.

The money source – illegal activities of Bittner

While at ONPCSB, Dana Nastase’s dossier was built under the supervision of Vasilica Enescu, the representative from the Public Ministry for the Office. She declared for DNA the research has discovered that neither Dana Nastase, nor Sorin Tesu, the one who effectively placed the 400.000 dollars in the account, could not justify this amount of money through their own income.

After this, Creditanstalt Bank sent to ONPCSB a selling contract according to which, Tamara Cernasov, Dana Nastase’s aunt, had sold to the businessman Alexandreu Bittner, for the amount deposited into the account, gold jewels, three English manuscripts and 11 paintings signed by Tonitza, Baba, Iser, Popescu, Bancila, Baraschi, Vermont.

At the end of 2000, Vasilica Enescu wanted to propose that this dossier be sent to the District Attorney’s office, but did not get the chance to do it. On December 30th the first meeting of the Nastase government took place, and Vasilica Enescu and the president of ONPCSB were fired, and Ioan Melinescu became the new Office chief.

The missing of these documents is the weak spot in the accusations against Adrian Nastase, accused of bribing Ioan Melinescu by placing him as head of the ONPCSB, and Melinescu, of extracting the dossier and making it disappear.