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More and more Romanians declare their incomes

More and more Romanians declare their incomes

Nearly 700,000 people have filed this year, on time, their statements of income. Compared with last year, their number has increased by 40%.

Romanians have filed until the deadline of 15 May over 674,300 statements of incomes they have made in 2007, almost 41% more than last year, according to data supplied to EVZ by the National Tax Administration (ANAF) . In the meantime, other statements have been submitted, so far, their number has exceeded 763,800.

In 2007, Romanians have filed until the legal deadline over 478,500 income statements for 2006, and by the end of the year the number of the form 200 which have reached financial administrations has increased by 560,310.

The information provided by ANAF shows that income from wages continue to bring the state budget the largest share of total income tax. Thus, the income tax collected from the budget in the first semester, the amount of $ 8.62 billion, over 69% is the tax on wages. Last year, tax income brought over 70% of the total tax income of 13.8 billion lei. The remaining amounts were derived from self-contracts copyright, civil conventions and other sources.

Small taxes

The number of Romanians who submit their statements has increased greatly over last year, also the amounts they brought to the state budget are larger.

"More and more people accept the idea that a tax of 16% is better to work legally and be taxed under the law, to avoid further problems and be of tranquil" told us Cristian Parvan, secretary general of the Association of People Affairs of Romania (AOAR). Further, both the number of employees and revenues are increasing.

According to the Taxes Directorate and Customs Union of the European Commission, Romania has the lowest income tax of individuals, 16%, compared to Denmark, where citizens are charged the most, with 59%.

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