HOW WAS KOVESI ACQUITTED OF REVOCATION. The link between the Toader and SRI Gen. Dumbrava, creator of „Tactical Field from Justice”. (VII)
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HOW WAS KOVESI ACQUITTED OF REVOCATION. The link between the Toader and SRI Gen. Dumbrava, creator of „Tactical Field from Justice”. (VII)

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Kovesi at the head of DNA and Coldea, first Deputy at SRI, was the essence of the successful recipe of Operation "We are the State!” It is true that this has crystallized in the latter part of Traian Basescu's second warrant and that until then, SRI Director George Maior, had played an important role by approaching notable politicians. George Maior becomes in 2008 the wedding godfather of Victor Ponta and Daciana Sârbu and he also was the godson of Ioan Rus. The group from Cluj-Ioan Rus, Vasile Dâncu, Vasile Pușcaș, the friendship or affinity with Gabriel Oprea, Victor Ponta, Ilie Sârbu, being the beneficiary of Traian Bsescu's trust. George Maior proved to be an extremely potent politician, who knew how to put people together in hard to manage situations.

In the present article you can find explanation to some gestures made in recent days, but have the roots 10 years ago.

I'm going to take over some of the disclosures made by now in order to have an overview of what I wrote so far.

Dan Nica's birthday in 2005, the first sign of closeness SRI-Justice

Such moment occurred in one of the protocol villas from Blvd. Mircea Eliade, former Primaverii in 2009. In July 2009 the party thrown by a Deputy Prime Minister in Boc Government 1, was the birthday of Minister of Internal, Dan Nica, and invited to this private event were only tops of the State.

Among these are three extremely interesting figures: George Maior, head of SRI, Laura Codruța Kovesi, General Prosecutor of Romania and Marius Iacob, Chief Procurator of the General Prosecutors Office. Beside them, at that meeting, there were present Emil Boc, Prime Minister Mircea Geoana, Senate Chairman, Viorel Hrebenciuc, Marian Vanghelie, Ilie Sârbu, Adrian Videanu, Victor Ponta.

One of the participants told us the next episode: "I was in a group of people around Maior and Kovesi. At one point, I heard her saying: You didn't enjoy the solution that I gave? It was a response to a reproach made in joke, by Ilie Sârbu, if I recall well, who was telling her that she takes Basescu's orders to seriously. What was the solution they were talking about? Stopping the criminal pursuit for Ion Iliescu in the Revolution dossier”.

An innocent conversation which provides us with an important clue to elucidate one of the mysteries of Justice, fully discussed in a previous episode.

By the resolution in April 4th 2009, the Attorney General's Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Laura Codruta Kovesi, acknowledged as well-founded the complaints formulated by Ion Iliescu and Teodor Brateș against resolution No. 97/P/1990 from December 7th 2004 of the Military Prosecutor's Department and ordered the end of the criminal pursuit in relation to Ion Iliescu and other defendants.

A decision in spite of the will of President Traian Basescu who called for urgent research, but which had the support of some high officials from Intelligence Service and the Army.

At that point, George Maior had a lot of influence in the relation with the Attorney General, and the favor that has made the former President of Romania would weigh heavily in his influence in PSD.

Year 2007, watershed moment in Florian Coldea's career

In June 2007, the new first Deputy Florian Coldea was on the verge to be kicked out. Mircea Geoană presented some notes that proved that the SRI was involved in actions of political police. The notes produced by Florian Coldea contained data about the existence of security folders with the names of three Constitutional Court judges (Aspazia Cojocaru, Nicolae Cochinescu, and Ion Predescu). He claimed that the SRI makes political police at the command of Traian Basescu.

The leadership of the Parliamentary Committee of SRI control prepared an initial report that has been rough with a series of radical proposals: the dismissal of the Prime Deputy Director of SRI, Florian Coldea, ratifying the heads of internal security and legal.

In the end, however, surprise: "we don't appreciate that the SRI makes political police at this point, but if repeated this risk would exists," said SRI Comity Chairman, Radu Stroe (PNL). "It is not our competence to propose dismissals. It was a security incident”, also declared PSD Deputy Gabriel Oprea.

Who saved Florian Coldea? Gabriel Oprea, at the request of George Maior, turned to his life time friend, Radu Stroe, Chairman SRI. Gabriel Oprea has managed to turn the Commission's decision, to save the skin and career of Florian Coldea. In this moment we can say that the relationship Maior-Oprea-Coldea was cemented.

Year 2009-naming the Minister of Internal, a tough confrontation inside the PSD

The circumstances of naming the new Internal Minister on behalf of the PSD were extremely turbulent, being a tough competition between Gabriel Oprea and Cătălin Voicu. The first was preferred by some of the PSD leaders thanks to his friendship with George Maior, head of the SRI, and whit ties with the Transylvanian group Rus-Dîncu-Pușcaș, and Catalin Voicu was representing Viorel Hrebenciuc and Marian Vanghelie. The score in the Executive Committee of PSD was 32 to 28 in favor of Gabriel Oprea, supported heavily by those above mentioned, plus Miron Mitrea.

It was an effort of the institutions of the State to keep as an important information service to reach the hand of Mircea Geoana, it all happened under the patronage of Traian Basescu.

Only that the nomination as quaestor of Virgil Ardelean by Gabriel Oprea started a storm in the party. Mircea Geoana, who had been advised by Oprea that Ardeleanu was going to be proposed, has forced the exclusion of Gabriel Oprea from PSD. He obtained it, the only ones who abstained being Victor Ponta and Ilie Sârbu, people close to George Maior and Cluj group. It was a signal directly addressed to Mircea Geoană that they did not plan to attend quietly to the execution of Oprea.

After this conflict, in 2009, Gabriel Oprea has gone only supported by a handful of people in the intelligence in the adventure that would lead to UNPR, a party whose Genesis was not at all foreign to Major-Coldea-Kovesi.

Since May 2010, with the establishment of UNPR, we can say that the group has formally entered the politics.

2010 tennis parties cemented the relationship between politicians and SRI.

The passion for tennis of some politicians became the main bond for some ties that would exceed the tense political moments.

The "golden" team during the peak of the two mandates of Traian Basescu consisted of George Maior, Florian Coldea, Gabriel Oprea, Victor Ponta, Liviu Dragnea, Vasile Dâncu. All were to have important functions in the State.

Tennis parties took place in several known locations: ●

  • Dinu Pescariu basis
  • The general's Lido
  • SRI tennis courts from T14

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