But there`s more to it. My sources for documenting these get-togethers, previously presented, but also to come, were among the participants in these meetings and parties.

I must admit that I’ve heard about this tennis parties, but I have never attended them, not being invited. I also knew about the meetings from K2, but never attended either.

Some reports I've checked with the help of others, and the fact that I have not participated gives me the freedom to write about them in spite of the relationship I had with some of the protagonists.

Where have I got the idea for this column from ?

Below you can find a real story:

A high official organizes his birthday party. The Romanian President is also invited and joins this small party.

Secret service directors, high range judges, chief prosecutors, politicians, a mere 10-12 persons, sat at the same table. The President is expected at the entrance and then seen to the table. There, using a severe tone, he is told: Mr President, all the persons sitting at this table represent the State. We guarantee you a second warrant !

Operation “We are the STATE!” started by coagulating some friendships.

 Tennis was just one of the means to socialize.

In some periods of time, even on a weekly basis, "double" matches were organized and the attendants were:

 George Maior, SRI director;

  • ● Florian Coldea, SRI deputy director;
  • ● Victor Ponta – Prime Minister;
  • ● Gabriel Oprea, Defense Minister;
  • ● Liviu Dragnea, Deputy Prime Minister;
  • ● Vasile Dîncu – sociologist and one of George Maior`s and Florian Coldea’s close friends.

Close to the above group there were also: Horia Georgescu, director of National Integrity Agency, Eugen Bejenariu, PSD deputy, and if you wish, the last one: Sebastian Ghiță. About the latter's involvement I will do a separate material, revealing an interesting role in this power play.


What needs to be said is that at first, in 2010, there were two places in which high level tennis was played: at Dan Pescariu’s sports base and at the Generals` Recreation swimming place, a Marina on Lake Băneasa, in the management of MApN. 

The second location was considered much more discrete, as it was protected by DGIA, so there the tennis parties would only be attended by George Maior, Florian Coldea, Victor Ponta, Gabriel Oprea and, surprise, Liviu Dragnea,.

Most tennis parties were organized taking the following formula into consideration:

Liviu Dragnea /George Maior against Victor Ponta / Florian Coldea;

Gabriel Oprea played less often, he would rather sit on the bench, and Vasile Dîncu hardly ever played.


An important piece of information is that after 2013, once the Microsoft scandal burst,  Pescariu`s tennis sports base started to be avoided.

Florian Coldea`s location preference for the tennis parties with Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea had changed, the couples being invited to a guest house on Privighetorilor Alley, under the code name T-14.

What was T-14? A location of SRI nearby Zoo, the place where Florian Coldea had moved.

From the outside, one can only see a green long fence, a guard post and a damaged house in the front. BUT, according to satellite images, beyond a Woodside, it reveals a big villa and two TENNIS COURTS. Built of SRI’s stock funds, I suspect. According to sources from the SRI, the SRI prime deputy moved in this villa and the tennis courts were built at his request.



Laura Codruța Kovesi as well, was a regular guest of this T14 location.

This is the place where the most sensitive discussions took place, after each tennis party a “recovering” meal was organized and they all attended. And they planned the country’s future.

T 14 was the meeting place only for the closest persons, being used for meetings with the American diplomats that Sebastian Ghiță was talking about. Strategically, Florian Coldea’s house is located right next to a neighborhood for foreign citizens, including Americans.


 “I met Mrs. Codruta Kovesi on the premises of SRI. At K2, K4 and at the T14. There we met at least twice a week, since 2010.This series of meetings lasted till 2014. The truth is that maybe hundreds of such meetings took place in these years. At some of the meetings there attended only General Florian Coldea, Laura Codruța Kovesi and a CIA chief from Romania. The first one I met in the presence of Mrs. Kovesi and Mr. Coldea was Mr. Karl Schwab, former chief of Mrs. Kovesi”. The second one was Eric Easly, probably Laura Codruta Kovesi`s current chief.  (Sebastian Ghiță in one of his records)


At the Generals` Recreation Base took place the first discussions about bringing Laura Codruța Kovesi from Brussels to the head of the DNA, here it was discussed the implication of SRI in the ANAF Anti-fraud Department activity, about transferring the Olanesti base under the SRI authority. Subsequently, these discussions have been materialized through the decisions of the Government headed by Victor Ponta, all these discussions being continued later at T14.

At T14 high level politics was discussed, Victor Ponta, the most important character of this structure, represented a bridge between the institutions on the one hand, a way to influence the SRI directly in the Government. It's hard to say how much he realized that he was participating in the consolidation of a system of force, a system that aimed at infiltrating the intelligence officers in important structures of the State.

Just that, surprise! Tennis parties were just the fun part of Operation "We are the STATE!” An important moment of the relationship comprising the SRI –DNA-ICCJ- Politicians was held in the location referred to as K2, a conspiratorial sumptuous estate on Mircea Eliade Blvd., former Primaverii, managed by the SRI. Here there were organized parties with dozens of guests, true team –building moments within the Operation “We are the State”. K2 was not only used for official gatherings, such as the Annual Balance Sheet of the SRI, the Anti-terrorism Brigade Day, or any official events, but also for private holidays.


One example! Florian Coldea’s birthday from 2013 and 2014 was celebrated in September, the former SRI first Deputy being born on the 21st of the month.

The villa in Mircea Eliade no 40, the famous K2, chosen for the party is, as seen from the pictures, extremely opulent.  Here, George Maior was also celebrated, but now we'll talk about Florian Coldea's birthday.  I repeat, the birthday party, not an official SRI event.

The number of guests was extremely limited

The guests were one and one, and I will only reveal here the most interesting ones, stating that I will provide only the most important function.  Anyway, these meetings were held over a number of years, the formula being changed only partially. The hard core remained.

  • George Maior – SRI Director;
  • Victor Ponta – Prime-Minister;
  • Gabriel Oprea – Deputy Prime-Minister, former Defense minister,  Minister Internal Affairs to be
  • Liviu Dragnea – Deputy Prime-Minister;
  • Robert Cazanciuc – Minister of Justice;
  • Horia Georgescu – ANI president;
  • Vasile Blaga – PNL vice-president;
  • Ilie Sârbu – PSD senator, Ponta’s father-in-law;
  • Teodor Meleșcanu – SIE director;
  • Gen-major Marian Hăpău – DGIA director;
  • Ilie Botoș – Adviser to the Minister of Defense;
  • Livia Stanciu – President of the High Court of Cassation and justice;
  • Laura Codruța Kovesi – DNA Chief Prosecutor ;
  • Alina Bica – DIICOT Chief Prosecutor;
  • Horia Valentin Șelaru – former procurator, present judge at ICCJ;
  • Lia Palade – Chief Prosecutor at PCA București;
  • Bogdan Licu – First Deputy General – Prosecutor;
  • Oana Hăineală – prosecutor, CSM member;
  • Codruț Olaru – DIICOT;
  • Petre Tobă – Quaestor, head of the Romanian police, future Internal Minister,
  • Lucian Pahonțu – SPP chief
  • Gen SRI Dumitru Dumbravă – the man who was in charge with the tactical field at the Justice Dept.

As outsiders of the System of force there were present, at each and every anniversary, another two important people, so that one better understands the situation:

● Mihaela Nicola – PR  specialist, the owner of an agency in charge with the image of SRI, and it seems also of Laura Codruța Kovesi`s. However, sources who have reported these meetings, told us that Mihaela Nicola sat at that table with the DNA Chief, right next to her.

. ● Vasile Dîncu – sociologist, friend with most of the above.

Additional evidence for these meetings can be found in the archives of SRI, since  the official photographer of the service of information was permanently there to capture the persons on their arrival.

"Corruption of the judiciary system"

Specifically, if a few years ago, we thought we had achieved our objective with the notification to the PNA, (for instance, we would withdraw from the tactical field once with the referral to the Court by indictment, considering – naively we can say now – that our mission ended) we currently maintain our interest/attention until the final settlement of each case. This manner of work in which we are involved  with prosecutors, police officers, judges, employees of the DGA or other similar structures, has also revealed punctual aspects relating to corruption in the judiciary, which should not be tolerated, but not exaggerated either. "(Gen. SRI Dumitru Dumbrava).


The question is to what extent was such a combination of SRI Officers, politicians, judges, prosecutors normal.
Then, there is another question, naturally: how much did Traian Băsescu know of what was discussed there ?

Hard to say, because at that time all of them seemed to be Basescu's people.  Or at least so the Romanian President believed, without realizing that underneath a PCR-type system (intercession/ acquaintances/relations)  was being built, which aimed at establishing an absolute control over Romania.

Can this be considered a failure for Traian Basescu? Again, hard to say, because clearly we only know that he and his entourage have become victims of the SRI-DNA mixer.

"They played double"

I found out from EVZ that, while they were informing me, Maior and Coldea were playing tennis, assisted by Vasile Dâncu. I have no reason not to believe Dan Andronic that,at the tennis parties followed by a glass of wine and a meal, they would not discuss and fancy the idea of having Mrs. Codruta Kovesi as Chief of DNA… These people have played a double game, so that they have a win-win situation in any situation.! Dîncu, Coldea, Maior had their own interest and were taking care of it, it's clear (…) In Elena Udrea's case the evidence are not conclusive. A normal person cannot demand a 21-year prison sentence. Prosecutors fear the acquittal. DNA is in a difficult situation", said Basescu in 4 March. (this year).