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How Dragnea became more important for the SRI-DNA „Binomial” than Victor Ponta. Operation „WE Are the STATE!” (III)

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Operation "We Are the State" aroused the interest of several journalists. Liviu Dragnea's bond with former first SRI Deputy Florian Coldea is a topical subject which generates many questions concerning the actions of the one who leads the cast in PSD. As was normal, there were many things written which completed the truth, but also articles based on reports that had the aim to misinform.This demonstrates that we reached a soft point in the System.

I'll start by saying that I want to restate the affirmations made in the reports related to the famous tennis matches that that have stirred so much interest and entailed replies and counter-replicas.

Playing at bo-peep with tennis, Dragnea's favorite game.

We have made the following statements:

  • Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea played tennis with George Maior and Florian Coldea, accompanied by the Gabriel Oprea and Vasile Dîncu. The locations where they met were at the Generals Lido and SRI Villa called T14 from Privighetorilor Alley.
  • These meetings started in 2010 and continued until 2014.
  • They usually took place every Tuesday and Thursday, and according to the participants’ schedule, the componence was modified. But it’s important to understand that in both locations, especially in The SRI Villa, the T14, no one without approval could get in.
  • Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea played tennis and in other places, at Dinu Pescariu's basis, were they had for partners the former tennis player, Eugen Bejinariu (PSD deputy),George Cosac, Horia Georgescu (President of ANI), Vlad Stoica (head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister).
  • "I have played tennis in several places; I hope it's not a crime. I've played with other people. I don't I remember seeing Dan Andronic at these parties. (. . . )

    I don't know if they are tennis players (n. r. Florian Coldea and George Maior). Most parties I've played at the base of Mr. Pescariu. Almost all the time I wanted to play with people who are better than me in tennis, so I would learn something and the matches would be more interesting. You're not going to SRI to play tennis, I believe.

    I have teamed up and still am teamed with George Cosac. I played also with Victor Ponta, he was the opponent, and he teamed up with Dinu Pescariu and me with George Cosac. I played with Vasile Dîncu, sometimes he plays well, but more often not, "said Liviu Dragnea.

    As I mentioned previously, Liviu Dragnea wears a cheap stratagem: confesses to have played tennis at Dinu Pescriu's base and that there he didn't play with Coldea and Maior. Which is true, but it doesn't answer the real question: Dragnea, did you play tennis with Major and Coldea at T14? When asked directly by Silviu Mănăstrire at B1 TV, Dragnea gave a riddling answer: we played with other people...

    As if tennis is played with robots. I repeat, Dragea doesn't say that he has not played tennis with Maior and Coldea, but that he played with other human beings, and the two weren't coming to Pescariu's base.

    If we would not be talking about serious things, it would be at least an embarrassment that we stand to look into the statements of the PSD President with a pen in our hand, attention to the meaning of the words used. These people even when they want to lie don't know how to.

    Incidentally, yesterday, former PSD Prime Minister has made an initial concession of truth...

    "I played tennis at T14. But I’m never going to tell you whom with! ", two days ago.

    "I haven't played tennis until 2015 without Liviu Dragnea, and after that he never called for me anything, since he is now the Chief." last night.

    Victor Ponta

    Coldea's birthday reason for socializing with the Justice partners.

    As the last time, I am forced to make a few clarifications: the list of persons who participated at Florian Coldea's birthday from K2 in the year 2013 and 2014 might not be complete, or is mixed with invitations to that of Maior, but basically the "teams" were the same. I am open to any comments of those present, the more so as in the last few weeks I haven't had any official reaction.

    As presented in the first article, I review the guests list:

    • George Maior-SRI Director; as known the ex-director's birthday is close to the one of the former Prime Deputy, so sometimes he was present as an entertainer.
    • Victor Ponta – Prim –Minister; provided that during the electoral campaign had entered into a conflict with Florian Coldea, whom he warned that it will be the first he will change if becoming President of Romania, so he was no longer on the guests list in 2014.
    • Gabriel Oprea- Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Defense, the future of the Internal; was the man closest to George Maior and Florian Coldea, being bound by an old friendship, cemented along numerous governance.
    • Liviu Dragnea - Deputy Prime Minister, what is interesting in his case is that the one who connected him with the SRI heads was Victor Ponta. After the initial period, 2011-2012, through Vasile Dîncu, he has developed a direct relationship with Florian Coldea, SRI "operative". His presence is significant in the K2 in 2014 because Victor Ponta had entered, as I stated, in an open conflict with SRI Prime Deputy.
    • Robert Cazanciuc - Minister of Justice; very eager to get under the skin of those present, is described by the participants as much to kind with the heads of the prosecutors' offices.
    • Vasile Blaga - co president of PNL; he was seen as a counterweight to the influence of Elena Udrea in PDL was "grown" in order to achieve political objectives.
    • Ilie Sarbu- PSD senator , Ponta’s father-in-law;
    • Teodor Melescanu - Director of SIE;
    • Gen. major Marian Hăpău – DGIA director;
    • Ilie Botoș- Adviser to the Minister of Defense;
    • Livia Stanciu-President of the High Court of Cassation and justice; Judge ÎCCJ was present at all official and unofficial meetings of SRI, DNA, MApN, and was considered to be one of those extremely close to George Maior and Florian Coldea.
    • Laura Codruța Kovesi -Chief Prosecutor of DNA; key character in power structure that was established after 2009. She was a member of team Maior-Coldea- Oprea-Stanciu, being recovered and protected in media every time was necessary. The episode of her naming at the DNA and bringing from Brussels deserve to be analyzed separately.
    • Horia Valentin Șelaru – former DNA Prosecutor, now Judge at ÎCCJ; regarding him I asked explicitly whether he was present as a judge or Prosecutor at DNA, or judge at ÎCCJ. I was told that he was present in both qualities, which shows us how strongly connected to the circle of interests he was. Not at all incidentally, Judge Valentin Selaru was included on the list of those 4 judges to approve warrants for national security.
    • Lia Palade – Chief Prosecutor at PCA Bucharest;
    • Bogdan Licu- First Deputy of Prosecutor-General;
    • Oana Hăineală- Prosecutor, member of CSM;
    • Codruț Olaru - DIICOT;
    • Petre Tobă - Quaestor, head of the Romanian Police, Minister of Internals;
    • Lucian Pahonțu - SPP chief. Present at these meetings, did not give any information to President Traian Basescu as he mentioned publicly;
    • SRI Gen. Dumitru Dumbravă - the man who was responsible for the tactical field from Justice.

    From outside the system of force were present at all important anniversaries yet two people important for understanding of the situation:

    • Mihaela Nicola - PR specialist, owner of an agency responsible for the image of SRI, and it seems that for Laura Codruța Kovesi's also. However, sources who have reported these meetings told us that Mihaela Nicola stood side by side at the table with the head of DNA. Incidentally, Mihaela Nicola was invited to all official events of SRI, being seen with Florian Coldea and George Maior, which shows the respect she enjoyed. No other journalist or PR specialist was present at these meetings;
    • Vasile Dîncu - sociologist, friend with most of those mentioned above.

    Cresc pensiile, de la 1 martie! Este OFICIAL! Care sunt pensionarii ce vor primi BANI mai multi

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