On Friday night, judge Cristi Danileţ surprised by a posting on Facebook personal page in which he criticized a show at national radio. "Today I only gave two interviews about SIPA: one at RFI, professional; another of the RRA, that made me shout at them for the stupidities spoken" wrote Danileţ.  But what made the person who was part of the first two committees for inventorying the SIPA archive so mad. In his remarks on Radio Romania Actualitati, the judge was asked by Georgiana Iorgulescu, director of the Center for legal resources, and by Alexandra Andon, the filmmaker, when he first entered in the archive of SIPA. He replied that in 2007.

Inventory of the archive had to be completed in 3 months

The problem is that the Government decision from 26 January 2006, by which was established the abolition of the Directorate-General for Anti-corruption Protection (DGPA), former SIPA, had a 90 days term as a Committee formed and appointed by Minister Monica Macovei to make the inventory of the famous archive. "Within the period prescribed by article 1, the entire heritage of the General Directorate for protection Anti-corruption will be inventoried by a Commission named by order of the Minister of Justice and handed over based on a protocol to the National Administration of penitentiaries", was written in the Government decision.  Paragraph 1, establishing the term for archiving, was the one in which it was established how long it will take to disband DGPA: "within 90 days from the entry date of this judgment, General Directorate for Protection Anti-corruption, which operates under the Ministry of Justice by the governmental decision no. 637/2004 regarding the functioning and powers of the General Directorate for Protection Anti-corruption from the subordination of the Ministry of Justice, shall be abolished".

The decision was published in the Official Monitor on February 9 2006, so in May the Commission ought to complete the inventory.  Danileţ admits that he's not even entered into the archive in 2006, but only in 2007, when Monica Macovei appointed a second Commission, thus going against the Government ruling from January 2006.

They had the obligation to establish the institutions the dossiers must go to

In the same  Government ruling is determined that: "In the same period, archives and documents in the work, belonging to the General Directorate for Protection Anti-corruption, will be inventoried and taken over by a special Commission, established by order of the Minister of Justice. The Commission referred to in paragraph 3 will hand over, according to the order of the Minister of Justice, with the assent of the Supreme Council of Defense, the archives and documents taken, to the National Archives, the institutions of the Defense system, national security and public order, through protocols concluded between these institutions and the Ministry of Justice". According to the report Chiuariu – Predoiu those from the committees set up by Macovei have not compiled any reports regarding the destination of the archive, breaking another application from the Government ruling from January 2006.

The dialogue through which Danileţ admits that hasn't fulfilled his duties

Georgiana Iorgulescu: Judge Danileţ, you entered in 2006 or in 2007?

Cristi Danileţ: In 2007

G.I.: In 2006 you have not entered at all?

C.D.: From June 2006 to January 2007 no one entered.     

G.I.: Well, and in 2006? How was the inventory done in 2006 if no one entered there?

C.D.: Not by physical contact with the archive, only on the basis of documents supplied by the service.

Iohannis says that the SIPA archive is still at the Ministry of Justice

President Klaus Iohannis commented yesterday on the proposal made by Minister Tudorel Toader, who announced on Saturday that he will promote a Government decision for declassification of information related to SIPA archive. "I didn't have any discussion with the Minister of Justice. SIPA was at the Ministry of Justice. It is still there. CSAT has nothing to do with it. It's not the President's job" said the President. He explained that the Minister of Justice must do something to enlighten the situation of the archive. "I am confident that the Minister and the Ministry of Justice will know what to do in order to enlighten the issue. If there will be a formal proposal, I'll see what point of view I'll take" said Iohannis. Remember that Toader has also announced the establishment of a new committee to examine the famous archive.



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