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The connection between Iliescu, Dan Nica’s birthday, the presence of Kovesi and burial of the Revolution Dossier. „WE ARE THE STATE!” (VI)

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Ion Iliescu is the symbol of PSD. But not just that. He is the symbol of a secretive Romania. Today we will see how Laura Codruta Kovesi, General Prosecutor at the time, struggled to bury the Revolution dossier, and also how Gabriel Oprea and Viorel Hrebenciuc fought for the control of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Under the eagle gaze of Traian Basescu.

Ion Iliescu will be one of the subjects of this episode, but until then I want to make a remark.

Operation "We are the State!" debuted in EVZ a few weeks ago, with the following case: a high dignitary celebrates his birthday.

The President of Romania is invited and attended to the small party.

There were at the same table information services executives, senior judges, head prosecutors, politicians, not many, 10-12 people. Expected at the entrance, the President is headed to the table where he is told, on a sharp tone: Sir, the whole State stands at this very table! We guarantee you a second term!

Disclosing of real power relations existing at the peak of the State first caused stupefaction, and then a denigration campaign of those written by us. Paradoxically, there weren't used any right to a reply or explicit denials of the meetings that the politicians, judges from the ICCJ, prosecutors and information officers had in the premises of SRI. I have no knowledge of any complaint referred to the CSM for defending the professional reputation on the part of DNA head, Laura Codruta Kovesi, former President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Livia Stanciu,or the former DNA Prosecutor,now an ICCJ judge, Horia Valentin Șelaru, or other magistrates. If they were to deny the presence at this birthdays of Florian Coldea, former First Deputy Director of SRI or George Maior, head of the SRI, in the two moments that we've documented so far, we would have had the opportunity to hear, from an independent source, if these things are normal.

As a response to the questions we’ve sent, SRI would have cleared up in terms of access, lists of participants, and from which funds were built the villa and the two tennis courts from Villa T14, located in Pipera.

I stick to my opinion that these events, hosted by SRI objective called K2, represents a hint regarding the labyrinth of interests that was established at the highest level in the Justice department,The Public Prosecutor's Office, Secret Services and politics. Meetings of this type appeared as something special, but according to the information we've obtained a few days ago, they represented a habit at the highest level of force structures.

Such moment occurred in one of the villas of protocol from blvd. Mircea Eliade, former Primaverii, in the year 2009. In July 2009 the party of a Deputy Prime Minister in the Boc 1 Government took place, it was the birthday of freshly named Internal Affiars Minister, Dan Nica, and only the most important state people were invited to this private event.

George Maior and Laura Codruta Kovesi-honorary guests at Dan Nica's birthday party.

Among these, three extremely interesting figures can be seen: George Maior, head of the SRI, Laura Codruta Kovesi, General Prosecutor and Marius Iacob, Department head prosecutor at Public Prosecutor's Office. Beside them, at the same meeting, were present Emil Boc, Prime Minister, Senate Chairman, Mircea Geoana,Viorel Hrebenciuc, Marian Vanghelie, Ilie Sârbu, Adrian Videanu, Victor Ponta, officers of state, political figures.

According to one of the participants, it appears that at this party were very few tables, and most of the participants were standing.

The period is extremely important, since this is the time that two crucial events happened: Government crisis linked to the nomination of quaestor Virgil Ardelenu at the head of the Information Service (DGIPI or U.M.0962) and removing Ion Iliescu's prosecution in the Revolution Dossier by the Public Prosecutor's Office ran by Laura Codruta Kovesi.

Both events take place in the context of what we generically called -Operation "We are the State!", and Dan Nica's birthday is turning into a key moment. After rescuing from dismissal of SRI General Florian Coldea in 2007, this second episode comes to complete the beginning of the construction.

The battle for UM 0962

You might not remember the troubled context of the rapid succession of the Ministers of Internal Affairs, so I shortly present them again:

December 22nd 2008 – the investment of Boc’s Government December 22nd 2008 – January 13th 2009. Gavriel Oprea – Minister of Internal Affairs. Gabriel Oprea resigns January 13th 2009- January 20th 2009 – Dan Nica is substitute Deputy Prime Minister January 20th 2009 – February 1st 2009, Liviu Dragnea takes over Internal Affairs he also resigns February 2nd – October 1st 2009, Dan Nica is named Minister of Internal Affairs the new head from UM 0962.

The circumstances of naming the new Minister of the Internal Affairs on behalf of the PSD were extremely turbulent, being a tough competition between Oprea and Cătălin Voicu. The first was preferred by some of the PSD leaders because of his friendship with George Maior, head of the SRI, and his ties with the Transylvanian grouping Rus-Dîncu-Pușcaș, and Catalin Voicu was representing Viorel Hrebenciuc and Marian Vanghelie. The score in the Executive Committee of PSD was 32 to 28 in favor of Gabriel Oprea, supported heavily by those mentioned above, plus Miron Mitrea.

"Well, because of him (Mitrea-n.r.) I lost the vote. He convinced Oprisan not to vote with me. I said: «Oprişan, God will punish you!». «I swear on my girl I have voted with you!» «Hey, no more, someone sow that you haven't voted with me, Marian! At twelve o'clock at night you called me at Hrebenciuc's place.Who knows how many times I came to you, at Vrancea. You've seen that if I retired, your dossier was sent to Cluj? You are going to see what you'll take in Cluj ", Catalin Voicu was telling Alexandru Mazare according to records.

It was an effort of the State institutions to prevent an information service to reach the hand of Mircea Geoana, it all happened under the patronage of Traian Basescu. Was it a proper fight? To the extent that politicians are using intelligence to spy on opponents, Yes. It can be said that at that time, the group Maior-OPrea-Coldea-Dragnea-Ponta, in an early power stage were struggling to block the influence of Catalin Voicu-Marian Vanghelie-Viorel Hrebenciuc. And at this stage they did it!

Only that the nomination of quaestor Virgil Ardeleanu by Gabriel Oprea sparked a storm in the party. Mircea Geoana, who is told to have been advised by Gabriel Oprea that Virgil Ardeleanu will be proposed, but then he denied, forced the exclusion of Gabriel Oprea from PSD, pushed by Vanghelie and Hrebenciuc. He earned it, the only ones who abstained the vote being Victor Ponta and Ilie Sârbu, people close to George Maior and the group from Cluj. It was a signal directly addressed to Mircea Geoana that they were not going to quietly assist at Oprea's execution.


The source of this scandal seems to have been Traian Basescu who suggested Gabriel Oprea to nominate Virgil Ardeleanu, promising him support in case of crisis.

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