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Colonel Cornel Nemeti, the comrade of Carlos the Jackal, participated in the Free Europe Attempt. SIE General Cornel Biris, the former head of the Phantoms, has decided to speak! (II)

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Illegal courier officer Nemeti was part of the "Ghost" Unit, being co-opted in the "Cell" destined to the liquidation of Nicholas Ceausescu\'s enemies. Officers fully conspired from the Romanian espionage, betrayed, robbed and murdered by the comrades in the Central.

We continue today to present the most important excerpts from the interview given by General Cornel Biris, the former head of the Ghost Unit, for the Periscope Magazine, a publication of the Reserve and Retired Military Cadres Association of the Foreign Intelligence Service. As we have seen in the previous episode, Cornel Biris, the foreign intelligence officer, has been working for more than 30 years in the most secret unit of any espionage service in the world: the one called "The Ghosts". He has practically gone through all the functions and compartments of this special work, from the execution to the command, and when he was in reserve in 2002, he was the head of this unit.

As the Periscope magazine is mainly aimed at external information work professionals, along with the general's words, we will try to clarify for our readers the less understood aspects of those outside this line of work. Until now, we have just referred to the definition and presentation of the category of phantom officers and the specifics of espionage work on this field today we are entering an absolutely incendiary subject. One of the questions asked by General Petru Neghiu raised the curtain from a true dark scowl, full of venomous snakes. It referred to the contents of a book published by Cornel Nemeti, former officer within the "Ghost" Unit.

The question asked, by the answers received from General Cornel Biris, turned out to be a key that opened up a real Pandora's Box, from which a lot of evil spirits emerged. The existence within the Romanian espionage center of Unit 0544 / R, having as the main task the execution of ordered assassinations, data of such criminal missions, including the terrorist bombing of the radio station Free Europe at the beginning of 1981, as well as missions to identify, locate and liquidate some people, made by this unit, are the main subject of this episode.

One of the most important moments in the Periscope Magazine interview was when General Cornel Biris was asked what he thought about the book written by Cornel Nemeti, "The Last Illegal Courier - Memoirs of a Romanian Spy", in which are made "public not only information, but also documents of high degree of secrecy. "

CIA, Devine's first reader

The answer given by the General is a particularly trenchant and with a significant amount of novelty information, for the first time: "I read today with great interest a book entitled Good Hunting, the story of a master of American espionage, Jack Devine, former chief of the clandestine operations division in the CIA. At the beginning of this memorialist paper, in a corner of the page, the following statement is made: "All the facts, opinions and analyzes expressed, belong to the author and do not represent the official position or vision of the CIA. This material has been checked by the CIA to prevent the disclosure of secret information."

And then, if we are striving to build real democracy, with rules and standards to prevent chaos and disorder, why not learn from our main Intelligence partner? Why are we avoiding preventive measures and admitting disclosures that, to a large extent, are damaging to external intelligence activity, especially because they are largely built on hypotheses and rumors? Why do we let the people who have dedicated their lives and activity to the work of information to be thrown into mud for the sake of revenge? Why?

What good is it? Cui prodest (in Latin)?

"As for Nemeti, we can essentially point out several aspects: we can ask why he photocopied and kept documents that appear in his memoirs and that have a" strictly secret "character? Have these documents been used in other situations? If so, when and where and to whom were they given? We cannot answer these questions, as long as there are specialized institutions of law, who have the power to clarify such criminal acts. If we were to initiate such a check, we, the ones who appear in the disclosures of the author of this crime, would have been accused of exonerate ourselves and seeking to cover the deeds committed.

Personally, I received several signals according to which, Mr. Teodor Melescanu, then Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, would have liked to have a discussion with me regarding this work. I've been waiting! Nothing! I also waited after receiving other signals according to which the next head of SIE, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, would have wanted a discussion with me in this regard. Still nothing! Nothing happened.

One of Mozurov's spies also appears

"We also ask another question: why are Nemeti's all former managers and colleague stupid, thieves and dilettantes? Of course, there are two exceptions: Col. Galateanu is the first exception. He is the officer who selected him and prepared him for bringing in our unit. He was known to have been part of the old Secret Information Service (SSI), an "a smooth operator" as he liked to be called. He was then put in reserve for initiating and hiding actions taken by him so that his daughter could leave the country through a marriage to a foreign citizen. The act was considered betrayal in those times."

The second exception is Col. Sergiu Nica, former Chief of the Famous Sub-Division 0544 / R, founded by Gen. Plesita to execute death sentences in the case of "traitors". In these actions, even Col. Nemeti, the author of the memoirs, successfully participated with notable results. In fact, Nica Sergiu's appreciation is due to the fact that he gave him important currency amounts when he left for external missions along this line. The quality as an "illegal courier" gave him the right to spend significant sums, without subsequently providing supporting documents showing their nature. "

No killers!

"As far as I am concerned, I'm not surprised of all the dirt that has been attributed to me, as I was the one who prepared the report with the proposal for the retirement of Nemeti. I did this when I noticed that no measure was taken in his regard, for the criminal acts committed outside towards former colleagues, sentenced to death as traitors. In that sense, I had the total support of SIE Chief, Catalin Harnagea, whom for his sake, did not conceive under any circumstances that among the active cadres could activate officers who have participated in such criminal actions.

We are also surprised by the amnesia that comprised the moralist officer as he wrote the passages referring to his activity in the "Liquidations" Unit, 0544 / R. The author no longer remembers the actions in which he was engaged. He does not even remember the action in Switzerland, in which he left such a "Target" without legs for life, presumed to have fumbled with the enemy, by detonating with a remote control a bomb he placed under his car."

The bomb from Free Europe

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