A tourist from the USA, Katie Evans, aged 30, died on Saturday night, after being attacked by a bear which she had tried to photograph.

The animal was agitated and when it met the group of which the woman took part of, she tried to descend in a valley, but the tourists followed it. Annoyed by the flashes, it attacked. John Evans, the husband, told us how it happened.

“I saw the bear going to attack. It was coming straight for us. We ran back to the hut and asked for help.Four people joined me. When we returned, Sarah had managed to get away from the beast and had joined the group. We started throwing rocks at the bear to distract it, because now it was attacking my wife.”

 According to the director of the Ambulance Service in Prahova, Daniel Nicolae, the woman suffered a vertebral fracture, and one of her arms was torn up, which inevitably led to her death.