The advice came nine days ago when Ion Iliescu was diagnosed with the Zoster Zone. It is not a serious disease and that’s why Iliescu is being treated at home. Besides the inconvenient of temporary renouncing his party work, Iliescu had to cancel a meeting with the ex head of states Havel and Kwasnievski.

The doctors say that this affection can appear while stressed and upset. The virus can reactivate even after 30-40 years since the first infection. The crises appear especially during stressing periods.

The stress elements did not lack in the honorific PSD president’s life. First, it was the referendum campaign, when Iliescu was the target of Basescu’s criticism. Then the disastrous result of the referendum came. And last but not least, Iliescu confronted criticism from his own party, he was asked to resign and assume his referendum failure.