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Russian Aluminum Magnates Eye Romania

Russian Aluminum Magnates Eye Romania

Romanian Secret Services or SRI monitor the movements of Russian magnate Oleg Deripaska and  Mihail Cernoi, "the RAFO man".

SRI have been monitoring for the past two years  the involvement of Russian tycoon Mihail Cernoi (who also controls RAFO Onesti) in the aluminum industry in Romania.

Intelligence officers revealed close connections between Cernoi and other ex-soviet moguls like  Vitali Machitski and  Oleg Deripaska.

SRI informed the Government in  2006 that there was an attempt to seize monopoly over the Romanian aluminum industry , by the Russian group  Ruskii Aluminii (Rusal), owned by  Deripaska, a relative of Boris Eltan, former President of the Russian  Federation.

He is a close business partner of  Mihail Cernoi, both of them veterans of the “aluminum wars”  in the ‘90’ s that ended in thousands of frauds and mafia-style assassinations.

"There are representatives of economic groups tied with Cernoi brothers in Romania”, the SRI report reads.

The report names  RINKO, owner of trade house  Marco in the United States , that also controls the Romanian big names in the aluminum industry: ALRO Slatina, ALPROM Slatina and  ALUM Tulcea. The  RINKO group is also owned by a Russian tycoon, Vitali Machitski

SRI officers warned about Rusla’s intention of taking over the aluminum makers in  Slatina and  Tulcea.