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Judges treat the poor differently than the rich

Judges treat the poor differently than the rich

Romanian citizens feel that judges and prosecutors do not listen to what they have to say and are treated according to their social status, a poll reveals.

These are some of the main complaints that citizens and lawyers have against the way the prosecutors are treating people, according to a Gallup poll, financed by the World Bank.

Thus, 69% of the Romanian citizens believe that Courts do not apply the same laws for the rich and the poor and even more of them (75%) say that this sort of discrimination still exists in Court Houses.

Almost 50% of those questioned believe that the judges are discriminating on racial and ethnic grounds. More than half the Romanians believe that prosecutors have a different approach on the same laws, do not listen to what people have to say, decide extremely severe punishments for small inftractions and are influenced by politicians.

On the other hand, 51% of the citizens admit that most of the decisions taken in Courts are grounded on facts. Also, the slow pace at which trials are developing in Romania is seen as a problem by 76% of those questioned.

More than 50% of the Romanians and more than 90% of the lawyers do not agree with the impunity that surrounds prosecutors, who are never sanctioned when their decisions are proven wrong.