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Ghita, face to face with Ion Cristoiu, in episode 2 of the interview in Belgrade: „You rarely saw Kovesi without Coldea”

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The first episode of the interview taken by Ion Cristoiu to Sebastian Ghiță ended when the former Deputy shows him a photo from his phone.

In this second episode, the former Deputy talks about the people who appear in the picture, along with Laura Codruta Kovesi. The photo was taken at Ghita's home in Ploiești.

In today's material, Ghita speaks in detail about the parties organized in SRI villas on the occasion of the anniversaries of Florian Coldea, the businessman also speaking about the stories of those who participated in these events.

A paper in one of Ghita's dossiers is a document from a Romanian State operation

Wednesday night, after broadcasting the first part of the interview recorded in Belgrade, Sebastian Ghita and Ion Cristoiu were called from Romania TV studio.

Ion Cristoiu spoke about the backstage of the registration. He said that Sebastian Ghita revealed him that the first targets of the parallel State have been the press companies. The former lawmaker also told Cristoiu that a paper found now in the criminal case tied to possible corruption of voters in the Republic of Moldova, in the fall of 2014, was actually a document from an operation organized by the Romanian State that had no connection with electoral scrutiny and which Ghita would have given to Florian Coldea. Basically, Ghita is saying that the document of a State action that he attended was sent by Florian Coldea to DNA, though the former first Deputy of SRI was one of the organizers of the action. Cristoiu also said that Ghita left him the feeling throughout the 4-hour interview that he would protect the SRI.

About the the documents from Sebastian Ghiță's dossier regarding the connection with the elections in Moldova Vlad Cosma also made disclosures.

Located in the Studio, journalist Dan Andronic recalled a detail from the record of the interview: "there was a discussion about the pictures in Paris (with Elena Udrea and Alina Bica) how did they get in the press, who called Sebastian Ghiță to retrieve an IP address where the pictures were going to be on for a few hours."

Ghita: "Kovesi deals with the removal of Romanian companies off the market"

Sebastian Ghita intervened by phone Wednesday evening at Romania TV. "I haven't yet seen the Romanian Parliament to praise DNA. Only the embassies receive and decorate this DNA. First and early supporters of this Binomial are those from the U.S. Embassy. You have seen then the Dutch Embassy, Embassy of France or England", said Ghita. According to Ghita, the Dutch Ambassador would have a criminal record, at the Court of appeal. "There is also a public file, investigated by the Romanian authorities, at the Court of appeal, and where clearly and obviously the Dutch Ambassador was caught stealing with an Arab citizen. Mrs. Kovesi handles those interests that are not beneficial for the Romanian State and the elimination from the market of Romanian companies and interests, and to me this stuff doesn't sound like an institution (within the Romanian constitutional context (...) Mr. Dragnea told me about the Ambassador of Belgium, who boldly came up to him in the Office and said, "give me the North Train-station without auction", to make a real estate project. There's no Minister in Romania that does not tell, how, when they were invested, couldn't push the door how many ambassadors were there and had no room to enter because of them" said Ghita.

We now continue with the publication of the interview.

"We've never had any relationship. To end my relationship with Kovesi"

  • Ion Cristoiu: Are you going to show us the photos?
  • Sebastian Ghita: to you Yes, but I don't think it's time for me to do something more than the State President, over the decisions of the institutions of my country and try to challenge myself, in one way or another, the falling or maintaining of this lady Kovesi.
  • You are going to the show it to me even during the interview, you will show it to me and I'm going to convince myself.
  • -I'll show it to you now, so you no longer have any doubts about the visit Kovesi made to my house.
  • Can I show it to the camera?
  • No. Please!
  • So I have the photo. You hold in your phone? I thought you hold it somewhere on a secret stick. I have the photograph and I must pose questions, I'm a journalist. Here in the back, what are these, books?
  • Here is a wine cellar. In the basement of my house is an aromatic wine cellar.
  • Mrs. Codruta Kovesi... you should be careful, you're an IT man. (Ion Cristoiu was looking into Sebastian Ghiță's phone)
  • Turns off the lights once in a while.
  • Mrs. Codruta Kovesi is next to a beautiful lady and a more grizzled gentleman, there are three persons, so that the viewers to understand please...
  • They are members of my family.
  • Members of the family, I suspect…
  • There were other people there, too.
  • We once had a dialogue at B1…
  • We had no sentimental relationship. To end the subject of my relationship with Kovesi.
  • Finally, you’ve convinced me because your wife was there. Well, she may not have been. One question: but why did you make pictures? The misses wanted to take pictures?
  • We were much more relaxed, much more opened, with pictures, videos. But even here, at this event, there were some people, as in the Villa at SRI. I don't think the dismissal of an official, particularly the goddess of anti-corruption can be made by taking out pictures and films from the Service's locations. The Service will never agree to this. This photo is from my home. At my home in Ploiești.

"At one of those meetings, which later showed-up Victor Ponta, was also Codruța Kovesi"

Ion Cristoiu: You also had a wine cellar there?

Sebastian Ghita: there isn't a wine cellar there; there is a vineyard, near Mizil, which has a small restaurant and where I negotiated once in a while, in the fall. And at one of those meetings, which later Victor Ponta showed-up, was also Codruța Kovesi.

  • So there were several people.
  • Do you know why I've said these things? I have said it several times.
  • First of all, why don't you want to make it public?
  • I told you why. Because today, President Iohannis said that it doesn't matter what happens in DNA for the international partners, for other organisations in Europe and in America. The experiment Kovesi - DNA is a very successful one. Mr. Iohanis' electorate asks him to be on Codruța's side regardless of what stupid things she does, she didn't only do stupidities, she did good things too. And not for Dragnea and Tariceanu. Also from the electoral point of view, it's understood. And the question is who am I to break the decision? Haven't I had enough, since I got here?
  • Dear viewers, I have seen everything Mr. Ghita says, I repeat with all the responsibility of a 50-year-old journalist, the evidence that Mrs. Kovesi was in friendship relationship not only with Mr. Sebastian Ghita, but behold, with his family, exists, I have seen that photo, I also commented it with Mr. Sebastian Ghita, I tell you that it exists, it is in his phone and in conclusion Mr. Sebastian Ghiță doesn't lie. In my opinion, I don't say she lies, because it's too harsh for a lady, Mrs. Codruța Kovesi doesn't tell the truth. Why she doesn't say it, let's ask Mr. Ghita, maybe he can tell us why she does not say, what's the story? And if she came to your home, what's the problem?
  • I don't see any problem. I think she made a problem by lying. But do you know what's the biggest problem of these people, that I've said to them: Folks, Florin, Codruța, Mr. General Dumbrava, the heads in defending the Constitution, internal protection, all the heads of the institutions of this which I met daily, if I sat next to you, I've stolen and plundered and I did all that you blamed me for in the press at the command or order, us people what should we think about you, what have you done, you stayed with the most corrupt, thief, black man in your arms, so many years? Or have I stolen with another purpose, with you or...
  • What’s the problem that she doesn’t recognize?
  • They have no explanation for this stuff. You stood for 10 years mouth to mouth with this man and he stole from under your nose?

"I'm going to tell you something, Codruta rarely came to these meetings without Florin"

  • Oh, I understood that’s it.
  • They have created me such a bad image, that they can't justify. Now they have tacked and falsified files and created an image so bad that they have never been able to justify how they stood so close to me. Because I didn’t give them money, I've never done business with them; we've never had any arrangement.
  • Mr. Sebastian Ghita, why didn't Mrs. Kovesi come home to me and came to you, what's the reason? I'm asking?
  • Mrs. Kovesi couldn’t get in all the houses in Romania.
  • But why you? I’m asking what the relationship was.
  • Recognize or not recognize, in that moment, in that circle of people we considered ourselves friends. There were several persons. A lot of people.
  • Who introduced you it and what was she when you first became acquainted? I don't think you knew her from the most ancient times.
  • I’ll tell you something, Codruta rarely came to these meetings without Florin.
  • Mr. Coldea was also there now or she came without him?
  • Rarely, almost never, I don't know if I can say. Rarely did you see Codruta Kovesi without Coldea.
  • At these meetings, which I understood that they were lively, Florian Coldea came to your home.
  • Yes.

I sat in the queue like everyone else. "Hello. I'm Sebastian Ghiță”

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