I "recovered it" with the help of the agency "Arabia la zi", a new and favorable agency which wants to open Romania's gates towards this prosperous area, to the real Muslim world, not to the fundamentalist one. The Israelian military radio announced that Bush intends to attack Iran in the following months, before the end of his presidential term. In a private discussion with vice president Dick Cheney, the White House leader underlined that Hezbollah's actions are yet another proof of the increasing influence of the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad in the Middle East. "So, it is necessary to attack Iran. If we let terrorism to be funded and the mass destruction weapons to appear, we are letting down the next generations" – could have said the US president, commenting on the "links" between the Tehran regime and terrorist organizations.

The attack of Iran is not a new idea for the United States, and the Pentagon finished a long time ago the attacks plans of Iran, country that has a central place on the Axis of Evil. Since the beginning of last year, the US press made suggestions that the US are preparing a large action against the Tehran regime. Figures were announced, the date of the event only, remained unclear. The American officials are hoping to hit in only three days 1.200 targets from the territory of the Islamic republic and to totally destroy its defenses.

The delay of this action, conceived two years ago, doesn't means it will be abandoned. In the Autumns of 2001, during the invasion of Afghanistan, US officials repeated continuously that the US will not attack Irak, but they did, in 2003. The Russians confirm the existence of the plan, who are facing the same dilemma: when will the attack start? Konstantin Makienko, the expert of the Center of Strategic and Technological Analysis, said recently: "I don't think that Iran's race for arms could avoid the invasion of this country. At the same time, I don't think is a good thing to underestimate the American's determination to occupy Iran, even if it will be real with sacrifices". The sand from the sandals seems to be almost over.

The news is important for Romania, not just for the Americans who are settled at the military base from Mihail Kogalniceanu, that will certainly be used in the action. Not because the Romanian army is today full of optimism, after it repaired the pride broken by post-decembrist regimes and was "trained" by NATO. The problem is how will Romania act in the Muslim world, which will not see this attack of the "infidels" with good eyes. For years, under Ceausescu's regime, allied with the Arab countries, Romania doesn't afford today to play "both ways". The times when we "defended the river, forests" are long gone. Members of a military alliance, Romanians must get used to the fact that war could knock at the door, at any time .