Even if she refused for the second time to attend the hearings, former President of the Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA), Ana Maria Pătru, sent  a letter yesterday to the members of the Commission of inquiry of the 2009 elections, formed after the disclosures made by Dan Andronic in EVZ series "We Are the State".  She told parliamentarians that it is suspicious that  Siveco, company controlled by Irina Socol, "close to the former leadership of SRI" won all auctions concerning counting software and data transmission to the Election Authority.

In the letter addressed to the Commission, Pătru asked the "untangle of how SIVECO, single or in consortia, wins these auctions for counting votes software and data transmission, even if they are open through SEAP system. In the context of multiple press articles suggesting this, would be useful to clear if somehow, in accordance with law 14/1992, exists or there was until recently an interest at the level of certain institutions for this company to handle this process essential in a democracy.

If this cannot be determined by the current Commission, it might be useful a separate parliamentary approach in this regard. Intuition and friendship that linked me to Irina Socol starting with 2009 tells me that the things discovered could be the subject of SRI parliamentary control Commission, because there's reasonable suspicion that she would have been a part of or closed to the former leadership of Romanian Intelligence Service.
"In the present context, I consider that my friendship, started from the initiative of Irina Socol in 2009, was not at all coincidental, being the fruit of an operative action", writes in the document obtained exclusively by EVZ.

"I was not in Oprea's living room"

Pătru noted that she never met in an environment other than institutional, formal, with the former head of the SRI, George Maior, head of DNA Laura Codruta Kovesi and Prime Deputy of SRI, Florian Coldea, nominated by journalist Dan Andronic as being present in 2009 election night in Oprea's living room. "I haven't communicated by phone or otherwise with anyone in that group in the evening of second tour", she said.

Ana Maria Pătru has stated that in 2009, when she was Vice President of PEA, head of the institution was Octavian Opriș, "proposed and supported by PSD and who was close to the leader of PSD, Viorel Hrebenciuc chief of campaign for candidate Mircea Geoana".

Pătru, who was arrested before, said that she decided not to be present at the hearings at the request of her child, who would have said: "I don't want you to be taken again!"

Ana Maria Pătru took bribes of 275.000 euros

Ana Maria Pătru, Chairman of the Permanent Electoral Authority, has been retained by DNA Ploieşti on November 16, 2016. The previous morning, prosecutors also did searches at PEA, and domiciliary searches. Her husband attempted to run with the documents, but was caught and prevented by policemen.

Five offences

DNA accused the head of PEA of three offences of traffic of influence and two offences of money-laundering: "during the period April-June 2008, suspect Pătru Ana Maria, as Vice President of the Permanent Electoral Authority- Secretary of State rank, claimed and in 2009 she received from representatives of a commercial company, the sum of 210.000 euros representing the counterpart of a certain property located in Bucharest (…)In the year 2011, also as Vice-President of the PEA, the suspect Ana Maria Pătru, claimed from representatives of the same company the exchange value of one Land Rover vehicle from which she received the sum of 15.000 euros (…) In the year 2011, also as Vice-President of PEA, the suspect Pătru Ana Maria claimed and received the sum of 50.000 euros from the administrator of another company, intervening in exchange at the Economy Minister".

She admitted all

Ana Maria Pătru acknowledged at DNA that she had received bribes of 275.000 euros. Most of the sum was given by Siveco, society that scroll several contracts with PEA. "I admit all the facts that have been incorporated in my charge", wrote Ana Maria Pătru in the statement, given on 13 December 2016.

DNA Prosecutors have asked judges the seizure of 275.000 euros and foreclosed multiple assets, to recover the money. The former head of PEA was arrested in this case about a month, and on 30 December 2016 was sent to court in house arrest.

"A gift, not a conditioning"

Irina Socol, the owner of Siveco, is the one who confirmed for DNA Ana Maria Pătru's offences. Socol, who was already convicted in a dossier and had multiple pending, would have tried to negotiate punishments with suspension. Ana Maria Pătru admitted in front of DNA prosecutors that she got an apartment and a car, but she invoked the relationship of friendship with Irina Socol and said that the goods received were "a gift, not a conditioning", is shown in the motivation of the Court from 29 November 2016.

She asked the owner of SIVECO money from the arrest

On March 17, 2017, Irina Socol has informed DNA Ploieşti that Ana Maria Pătru sent her from custody two letters in which "she asked me to give statements in front of you in order for her to achieve freedom and subsequently a suspended sentence, this is why I intend to attach to this address the messages sent by her through the application WhatsApp.  Ms. Ana Maria Pătru requested, even from preventive arrest, large sums of money, between 235.000 and 300.000 euros, arguing that she borrowed such amounts from moneylenders or that are necessary to pay off real estate personal property rates, and when she will be released, she will repay me by helping with the relations she has".





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