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How the SRI- General Prossecutor's Office annihilated Catalin Voicu, PSD Senator who tried to block the election of Basescu in 2009 (XI)

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Kovesi-Coldea, the name of two very powerful people, who made two highly important institutions of Romania to work in unison, in what was called even in the official documents of SRI and DNA, the Institutional Binomial.

So that we do not leave the space for too many interpretations, it must be said clearly that the initial purpose of this cooperation, which exceeded or forced the existing legal framework, was to make things to go on behalf of the State. An extremely generous phrase, but which left a place for serious slippage.

The limits that might have been vague, became extremely remote considering that they managed to create a functional conglomerate Information Services -Public Ministry - Justice, full of "covered" journalists and kindly politicians.

The lack of institutional and democratic culture has made starting with 2010-2011 such institutions to emerge, with actions that no longer had the gift to serve the interests of the State, but were initiated in order to preserve the power and influence that these people had in society. The pinnacle was reached, in our opinion, in 2014, after which an institutional decadence began.

Incidentally, I was often struck by the similarity between the "fight" shout of Laura Codruta Kovesi-WE are the DNA, with the commitment of a high dignitary in front of a Romanian President, promising him a second term-We are the STATE.

Both reflect a mentality of some persons leading institutions of force of Romania, coming as I was saying from the absence of a serious democratic education.

At Oprea's place, with Kovesi and Coldea

The report related to the 2009 episode, the night of the 2nd tour of presidential elections, caused lots of sensation, when I recounted that at one time, about two hours before the closing of the polls, I received a call that gave me the result of the exit poll from CSOP, made for B1 TV: 50.4 to 49.6 for Traian Basescu.  Other broadcasters, Antena 3 and Realitatea TV, were to present Mircea Geoană as winner. But the official vote counting was 50.34 for Traian Basescu. Extremely close to the CSOP survey.

Then, on the night of December 6 2009, in the house of GABRIEL OPREA, independent deputy, I met with GEORGE MAIOR, head of the SRI, Gen. FLORIAN COLDEA, first Deputy, LAURA CODRUTA KOVESI, Romania's General Prosecutor, crammed into an office. In the house also were Neculai Ontanu, PUIU IORDĂNESCU and some other people.

I spent a few hours with them discussing the outcome of elections, about the strategy that would follow PSD, how it can be quenched part of the media, as Laura Codruta Kovesi expressed herself.

I related and I still affirm that I heard Kovesi twice answering the phone with "Yes, Sir, Mr. President", that Gen. Florian Coldea received on the phone information about votes, the whole discussion being in political context, dedicated to presidential elections.

ACUM poți vota pentru TOPURILE EvZ. POLITICIENII și EVENIMENTELE anului 2017

From influence to involvement

Some of my colleagues, in those moments on the anti-Băsescu barricades raised by Sorin Ovidiu Vântu and Dan Voiculescu, saw in this story an evidence of election fraud, though I never claimed this. For some the trauma of losing elections in 2009 is still quite high and their reactions have attested it.

I argued, instead, that on the same evening three of the most influential people in the State, from the perspective of the system of force, were the actors of a political moment in which they were involved more than it was normal. I was reluctant to give a legal frame, because I wasn't a Prosecutor, but a participant in a particularly important event. Incidentally I found in Gabriel Oprea's office a prosecutor. And didn't seem at all to inquire the others...

I could say that the same night I got a sample of what I called the Operation "We are the State!” without understanding exactly its importance.

I said at the end of my report that I've left MAIOR, COLDEA, KOVESI with two problems to solve: the votes from the diaspora and the furious reaction of the PSD. About the latter, a source member of PSD constantly informed them.

Catalin Voicu and the presidential elections result

What happened that night at the PSD was extremely exciting for those who wished to secure the outcome of elections, respectively the group with which I've intersected in Oprea's house, but not only.

Because Mircea Geoana and those around him, especially the grouping VANGHELIE-HREBENCIUC-VOICU had no plan to lay down their weapons, being convinced that the electoral process has been fraud, in particular through the diaspora result.

PSD had sent in the diaspora, a group of former intelligence officers, coordinated by ex SIE Gen. Adrian Isac, who attempted to supervise the organization of elections. Only that the assessment made by them was not at all optimistic, the person named by LIVIU DRAGNEA to deal with the votes from the diaspora, being suspected to have betrayed Mircea Geoana.

Incidentally, as a member of the PSD crisis cell said, later the suspicions were pointed at MIRON MITREA, MARIAN OPRIȘAN, RADU MAZARE, as they registered in the counties they ruled weak results for Mircea Geaona.

The crisis cell from Kiseleff

 Back on the night of 6 to 7 December 2009.

At around 4-5 in the morning, the group gathered at the headquarters in Kiseleff was scattered home thinking that MIRCEA GEOANA lost the election to TRAIAN BASESCU.

Only that during the day, on December 7, just after the PSD group came back, which had no plan to surrender, was turned into a crisis cell which had a strategy, extremely daring, unprecedented. A chain of legal actions and in parallel being planned demonstrations of 100.000 people in Bucharest.

About these things, generally discussed as even in the night of December 6 2009, received information the people from SRI. They took it very seriously, especially since Senator Catalin Voicu PSD had a warrant on his name for wiretaps on national security since September.

As I said earlier, the information were provided not only from "hearings", but also a man close to the campaign staff of Mircea Geoana. Marian Vanghelie's lawyer, Cezar Bivolaru, is the one who together with PSD Senator Catalin Voicu have drafted and filed the legal actions.

What came next was a legal cavalcade.

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