From the journalists point of view, the reaction is normal. The public wants us to hunt and tare apart the presumptive culpables, and Cioroianu is the ideal victim.

Now, when the minister is criticised even by the party that recommended him and fought hard against Basescu for his nominalisation, you start asking yourself all kinds of questions. "Is it better for all of us if Mister Cioroianu remains out of sight on the summit's period", said, recently, the PNL vicepresident Norica Nicolai.

A first problem will be: if Cioroianu is so dumb as Nicolai suggests, how can we characterize the people that appointed him? His direct party superiors knew him better than from his televised apperances and should of forseened the actions of this character after his mount to the chair, once occupied by Nicolae Titulescu or Mihail Kogălniceanu. It's true that Ana Pauker was Foreign Minister too, but, in her case, the reproaches were not about the IQ.

The second problem could be that, on the 5 of April, Cioroianu completed a year as member of the Romanian Government. A relatively long period. How did he manage to hang on for so long? Why wasn't he changed, even if the PNL leaders are not shy to caracterise him as a catrastrophe. The matter's resolution has always been in the Prime Minister's pen, how the immortal Nicolae Mischie would say.

But I am against the general current, because I don't believe that Cioroianu is the weakest member of the actual Government, even tough he made more blunders than any other Minister in front of the public at large. He suggested that law breaking gypsies should be sent to the Egyptian desert. He forgot his place near the King of Spain and was late to a meeting with the Swedish Monarch. He mixed up Azerbaidjan with Georgia. But is Cioroianu a bigger catastrophe than Varujan Vosganian, for example? The populist politics led by the Minister of Finances will leave us, in 2009, with an empty treasury and, most probably, will delay our entry in the euro space with another year. Why is Cristian David, the obscure Interior Minister, credited with a more succesfull term? Under liberal management, the police remained the same centralised institution and not one of it's structures was subordinated to local authorities. David had just the sly intuition to hide when he was in trouble. The man simply disappeared when his subalterns acted like militiamen against the supposed anti-NATO anarchists.

I don't deplore Cioroianu's sad fate. If he had any dignity left he should have resigned when a sinister character as Nicolai mocked him, and PNL approved her opinion in silence. But what the liberals don't understand is that every time that they say Adrian Cioroianu is stupid, the liberals actually confirm that they are more stupid than him.