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Romanian Workers, US’ s POWs in Iraq

Romanian Workers, US’ s POWs in Iraq

Today’s headline for most Romanian media was provided by EVZ.

Most media quoted today’s EVZ headline exclusive story, an article  made by our special reporter Liviu Iolu.

The two major news TV stations in Romania, Realitatea TV, Antena3 and two major newswires  in Romania gave a full coverage of the story.

Two Romanian workers, a carpenter and an electrician, were arrested in October last year by US Army military police in Iraq, accused of espionage.

The two Romanians were working in a factory providing plated water for the US troops stationed in Iraq.

US Army sent a press release confirming it has custody of the two Romanian citizens but failed to state where they are being held or what exactly the two are accused of,  for reasons of national security.

If they are found guilty of espionage, the two Romanian citizens will face the famous Iraqi Criminal Cour.

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