The Stradivarius violin which the state wants back was brought to Romania in the ‘60s after Ion Voice requested it to Communist dignitary Gheorghe Apostol.

Apostol , the right had of the chief of state, Ghorghiu Dej, told the whole story to journalist  Dumitru Tinu, in a letter stamped February  27, 1997. Ion Voicu. EVZ publishes fragments of this letter.

Apostol shows that the violin was purchased by the Ministry of Foreign Trade thus contradicting one of  Ion Voicu’s heirs who said Voicu’s signature was on the purchase-sell contract.

The violin was purchased by the Romanian Government in 1962, following the visit of Indonesia’s President Ahmed Sukarno in Romania.

However, both Culture Minister, Adrian Iorgulescu, and Madalin Voicu, Ion Voicu’s son, say they have papers proving the ownership of the violin.