Former Liberal Democrat leader, Petre Roman,  said that  in the early ‘90s, after the Revolution overthrowing Communism in Romania, Basescu introduced a former Securitate operative as his chief  while Romania’s president was working aboard, at Anvers.

Petre Roman says that the man called Marin Antonescu (today a vice-president of Democratic Party’s Dambovita County branch), tried to enlist the party supported by Basescu who said he is a “reliable and professional” man.

In 1993, the PDSR rivals appointed Antonescu as Dambovita Prefect, but Basescu told Roman not to take in appearances because Antonescu is a “man you can work with.

Marin Antonescu’s name was also revealed by Conservativce Party leader as a former Securitate officer, close to Basescu.
Antonescu worked as an undercover agent for the Securitate in Belgium, between 1987-1990, while Traian Basescu was the head of the NAVROM Romanian delegation at  Anvers.