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Operation „We are the State!” Destroying the DNA phase

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Operation „We are the State”. I have written in recent months countless materials about the way which was built in Romania a parallel structure of power, concentrated around the key personalities who owned the main structures of force of Romania.

I have brought to light a phylum of relationships of subordination and friendship between politicians, judges, prosecutors, intelligence officers, dignitaries, which created a veritable spider's Web between the State structures. "Their mission" was real power perpetuation, informal, regardless of who held the political power.

Thus a circle of power was created in which the main pillars were Victor Ponta, George Maior, Florian Coldea, Gabriel Oprea, Laura Codruta Kovesi. Orbiting around them were different characters, from business, the media, local administration, football, from Sebastian Ghiță to Vasile Dîncu, passing by Puiu Iordănescu and Neculai Onțanu.

It was a circle of power based on relations of friendship, kinship, business, in which there were consolidated informal power structures. I could say, looking back, that the most powerful member of this grouping was (and still is) SRI General Florian Coldea.

I've heard many legends concerning the influence Florian Coldea had on the system's structures of force and I can tell you that at least a couple of times I saw it turn into political or criminal decisions. The knowledge which he acquired in the 11-year mandate at the head of the institution that accumulates most information reaching internal and external recipients is hard to match by any of those mentioned above. That is why he was the hardest to eliminate.

Perhaps if the new director of SRI, Eduard Hellvig, wouldn't have been a man "who hates abuse" as himself stated, the scent of omnipotence given by the parallel structures of power would have stunned him quickly. And we would have assisted to a strengthening of the Operation "We are the State!"

However, he preferred to take the institution out of the power games, to return it to its natural mission, no longer broadcast indictments for DNA and surveillance of the target people with warrants for national security based on the famous article 3 letter f of the National Safety Law.

For those who don't know what's with the famous article 3, subparagraph (f), I can say that it is the most important finding of those who created the Operation "We are the State".

Olguta Vasilescu, si ea mama vitrega! Detalii importante au iesit la iveala, azi

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