Evenimentul Zilei exclusively publishes the contract between  Alro Slatina and  Energy Holding, a contract that electrocuted the Romanian political stage.

Documents revealed by EVZ  shows how “the smart guys” at Energy Holding asked the Russian at  Alro $4 million to let them purchase electricity straight from the state.

The sum is identical with the one told by former economy minister, Codrut Seres, last week.
Seres said: “ Alro supported or motivated someones from the Presidential Administration with four million dollars ”.

Energy Holding was a broker between  Hidroelectrica, the electricity producer, and  Alro, the consumer. The contract  between the tow parts was signed in February 2003. At that time, Energy Holding was pwned by  Bogdan Buzaianu.

The last additional paper, signed in September 2005, brings a very good profit for the contract’s  tender.

Energy Holding conditioned the deal to   four million dollars compensation in case the contract is terminated.