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INCREDBILE! Former SRI Col. Daniel Dragomir, arrested in the Black Cube Ca, starts talking

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The former high officer of the SRI Daniel Dragomir wrote last night on his Facebook account that “there is a time for everything”. Last night, he made sensational disclosures at Romania TV.

The discharged SRI colonel Daniel Dragomir added that “As I announced you…the time has come. See you on Monday “9/11” at Romania TV, 22:00 hours, with Ion Cristoiu and with Victor Ciutacu. We are waiting for you.”

The former SRI Colonel, Daniel Dragomir, posted on 2 September a message on his Facebook account, claiming that he has no connection with the media stories and the presumptions in the case file.

During the questioning held by Ciutacu and Ion Cristoiu, Dragomir affirms that he has a duty to the Constitution and to the citizens, for national interest, to tell everything he knows.

Dragomir explains how he joined the SRI, the relationship he had with Florian Coldea, one of the key figures of the parallel System unveiled by EVZ, but also the way in which the abuses reached a terrifying level.

The statements foretell the storm in Romania from the first echoes, even if Dragomir affirms that he only tells what he is allowed to by the oath he took. “The action was one out of the ordinary. We never faced such a situation, this is why the field team was a small part of a large mechanism in Romania and in other places”, says Dragomir when speaking of the recovery of the Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq.

A burning question which worries the two moderators facing the one who affirms, without mincing words, that he was a part of the System. “With a capital S”, it is stressed. But why did he leave the SRI in 2013?

ACUM poți vota pentru TOPURILE EvZ. POLITICIENII și EVENIMENTELE anului 2017

At the moment when I was discharged, I had a strict secret special importance clearance. SRI was heading towards the power of the Messianic sergeant majors. At that moment, when my vision on the way in which SRI should be led did not coincide anymore, I decided to leave. It was the best for both parties.”

The discussion turns, inevitably, to the group “We are the State!” and, implicitly, to Oprea’s living room.

It is this TV series “We are the state!”…and I would give a definition here, to know what we are talking about, not necessarily by specific differences, because everyone talks about the System. The System with regard to a state is different from the “deep state”. I was a member of the system, it consists of thousands of people in the power institutions and who perform their activities every day in the interests of the state.

Within the system we have a deeply ingrained difference of terms, and it is noted in abuses, that parallel state is something different from the system, it is a clique, a mafia, and it is a lot to call it mafia, because the mafia has rules.

In this case, a gang of boys and girls who use the institutions and the system for personal gain, they had started meeting together since 2009. What happened then was not an accidental happening in 2009”, states Dragomir.

Mr. Oprea’s living room, as a phenomenon, was known at all the levels within the SRI. Everyone, including Coldea, was being monitored. And for each event of this nature, the number of people who were there must be doubled. There were the drivers, the orderlies of those who were there.

In a military system, when events like that in Oprea’s living room or tennis matches take place, those people come accompanied by a driver, an orderly. Those persons who are in the area report these things, these persons have road maps to fulfill. All these activities exist, they can be easily identified, and the people who took part in those meetings, you can be certain that they were served…with food, and drinks.

There were witnesses to these meetings, they weren’t quite civilians either. For a meeting with 20 persons, you can be certain, by basic logic, that there were other 30-40 participants beside them”, was the guest’s stunning affirmation.

Dragomir affirms that there are still documents at SRI confirming the disclosures made by journalist Dan Andronic in EvZ. “Getting over the public perception, 99.9% of the people in the intelligence services are professional officers who are doing their duty, this is why the answer is NO, these documents could not have disappeared, the people are not part of the groups answering to the direct orders of a person named Florian Coldea.”

After Coldea left, there was a lot of hullaballoo that the Constitution was trampled. “Once Coldea left, the hullaballoo started. It is mandatory to perform an internal appraisal, to find out what persons were involved, which principles were breached. The Constitution is above all, and it was trampled by certain officers, generals…It is the duty of SRI to seek and find out how these things happened, so they cannot be repeated.”

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